Monday, March 14

I can't live without u, Vaseline!

Hello dolls!

Haven't been updating my blog cos' I've been busy at home with the little cherub and doing all the house chores PLUS working on my curriculum and marking of composition scripts. Hectic!

Have you met the love of my life?

I know some of you would say,"Hello, who doesn't know Vaseline?"

I never really believed that Vaseline is a multi-purpose miracle petroleum until I did my own series of test.

I used the Vaseline to:

1. Clean out my leather bags and shoes

2. Swipe it across my lips every night

3. Moisturize my feet (soles, toes only)

4. Swipe it across small burns, scalds and cuts

5. Moisturize my brows and lashes at night

I know the small little tub can do more wonders but really... It works wonders and it's dirt cheap!!

In my previous entries, I blogged about my skincare routine and I mentioned that I was using Physiogel Cleanser. After using the whole bottle, my face didn't have much changes and I'm quite disappointed, not with the product but with my skin. Zits are still randomly popping out. So couple of days back, I went to Watsons and I went to check out this brand;

Vichy Normaderm Imperfection Prone Skin Toner Lotion (0% alcohol)

Vichy Normaderm Anti-Imperfection Cleanser

So far, it's pretty ok.. Can't comment much yet.. 
However, I'm still religiously exfoliating my face with Neutrogena Deep Exfoliator and my "Lemon-Sugar" scrub! My acne scars are really lightening up alot! I don't have to pile up on my concealer to cover up the scars!

Before I forget....

Socks up your happy feet when you moisturize them with moisturizer and Vaseline! It works better and u won't soil your sheets!


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