Saturday, April 23

Belly Bandit Meets Scrub-A-Duck

I recently bought myself in a belly wrap, supposedly to use right after giving birth but I couldn't find the right one! I used the traditional Indonesian way of wrapping with a cloth which itched like a maniac, even other drugstore brands... all left me itching like crazy!

So one day, I was watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and the eldest Kardashian, Kourtney K on E! Entertainment. She was mentioning how she was keeping fit and etc after giving birth to her adorable son, Mason and she specifically mentioned Belly Bandit! Of cos, holding on to the true Kardashian fashion, she custom made one specially for herself, from the original. 

I searched on the Net and realised that they are the leading wraps that many celebrities swore by! I wanted to immediately order one but unfortunately, they do not ship to Singapore. Upset, i scraped the thoughts for a long time until 2 months ago, I saw it, right in Kiddy Palace and that moment, I know I will be getting it, eventho I already had my baby a year ago.

Belly Bandit Bamboo

This baby costs me estimated S$126... I had a 10% as a member..

This wrap here is really really amazing. Not only i can sleep with it without feeling a tinge of itch, i wear it the whole day and even to work! The only time I take it off is during bath time. Not only it strengthens my posture while changing Sophia's diapers, it helped me in walking straight and I automatically suck in my tummy tighter while walking. Some said what's the point of wearing when I've given birth more than a year ago... My theory is, it's never too late to do anything. It can help me in many ways, now that Sophia is growing, lotsa running and play time and even carrying her can put pressure on my waist and my spine. So this wrap not only firms up my tummy area, it tightens my cores that I naturally don't feel hungry, strengthens my posture, i walk confidently, my boobs are pushed up, they don't look saggy after birth and my clothes fit better! Initially, there were small folds around the wrap as I wrap my belly so i often wear a spaghetti strap after putting on my undergarments then put on my clothes, so the folds won't be too obvious. There will definitely be some discomfort during the 1st 2 weeks..but eventually, it will be part of your everyday life.

I took it off during my period cos I was cramping and bloated so i felt like throwing up with the wrap on.. i took it off and now I'm back wearing my wrap. Because of that one week of not wearing it, my discomfort returned for abit but thank god I'm no stranger to the bits of aches around my waist. Overall, i give this a 4/5. Only issue i have with this wrap are the folds. 

To all new mothers or even experienced mothers, it's not too late to get one for yourself. I read reviews that even mothers who already had like 3 babies, used the Belly Bandit after their 4th child, finds it super effective!

'Nuff of the wrap, now it comes to Scrub-A-duck time!

Last month, there was a huge John Little sale at the Singapore Expo and I've gotta say, my favourite thing from all the things I bought there was this...
I bought the St. Ives Renewing Collagen Elastin Body Polish! It was like.. $7.60? My memory is kinda failing me lately so forgive me....

The smell, is not only heavenly, it really does wonders! I used it with a Exfoliating Hand Gloves, it works perfect together. My elbows, knees, back of my neck, and other parts were ultra smooth and I smelt like a fruit! LOL!! Even hubby dearest could smell me a mile away!(ok, that's a little to dramatic) He looked at me once and asked if I bought a new shower gel. I told him about the scrub and he was amazed!

The texture is not as rough as most scrubs I've ever used... My fave scrubs, by far, are the Soap and Glory Body Scrub and this St. Ives Renewing Collagen Elastin.

Alrite!!! I guess it's time for me to say CIAO! 

Will update soon!


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