Saturday, May 21

Say Ola to Sophia!

 Sophia Iman Liu.

Born 24th July 2009, she's my No1 priority and I love my cupcake to bits! She's very tall for a 1yr 10 mth old baby (as of 24th May) and she doesn't wear clothes for her age! SCARY!

I'm the bad guy at home, whereby I am the one who makes sure she behaves and I dun spoil her all time. I will make sure she starts learning manners, outdoor behaviours, dining etiquette and teach her basic rules and regulations at all times. I may sound like a mad mother but I believe in inculcating good traits from young. So far, nothing has gone wrong and she behaves pretty well when we go out. (Thank God)

She understands English and Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese dialects like Hokkien and Cantonese. I'm trying to speak more Mandarin to her cos as a mixed parentage child, she has the best of both worlds.. I'm tri-lingual and I hope she will be one too. 

Having kids is a joy. Those of you who are planning to have one, pregnant with one or already have one, trust me, motherhood is the best experience a woman can have. It completes a woman's life. A quote from my fave celebrity, Kimora Lee Simmons-Hounsou once said:
"Money comes and goes, husbands come and go but the kids don't come and go..."

You and your flesh and blood will always be bonded, no matter how far separated you may be from one and another or how much you fight or argue all day long. Eventually, the anger and hatred don't flame for long.. it dies off. 

My best friend once said to me 2.5 years ago..
"I won't have children, cos I don't want my figure to go all hay-wired. My figure is my everything."
(If she's reading this, she will surely laugh her tail off!)

Today, my best friend has a son aged 18 months and a No2 on the way!! She loves her son so much that she will do anything for the son.. that's what all mothers will face with their children! We sometimes call our children our little "terrorist". 

I'm planning for a No2 now.. hopefully to have one more before Sophia turns 3. I love children and watching them grow makes me feel so fulfilled! At the end of the day, the look on their faces when they are asleep is totally priceless. FYI, my daughter loves everything beauty and fashion too! She enjoys sitting on the floor watching me do my make-up or even putting on moisturiser! She will then take her liquid talcum and ask me to apply it on her face, just like how I would do mine!! She sits with me through, watching YouTube vids on anything beauty or fashion. Cute stuff, isn't she?

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Have a great weekend! 


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