Monday, May 23

Sweets for My Sweet

Last year, I customised Sophia's 1st year old birthday cake..
A 5kg Strawberry Shortcake with Garden Bugs theme

Lovely? It was gorgeous and taste like heaven.

I was introduced to this small little Italian deli at The Rail Mall by my best friend, and she assured me that their pastries were superb, as far as she could remember, THEN.


All my guests and their children took a second serving, and I managed to bring home some for breakfast! It was that good and today, a good friend of mine texted me and asked if I would be throwing another party for my daughter's 2nd birthday. Unfortunately, I'm not the kind of mother who throws party for her child every year. To me, it has to be significant and holds a special meaning so the child will look forward to it.

For those of you who has a party in mind, be it birthday, farewell, congratulatory or any kind of parties that you wanna incorporate a gorgeous cake to the event, you can have this deli as an option.

Roberto Galbiati (Executive Chef / Owner)
Galbiati Gourmet Deli
400 Upper Bukit Timah Road
Singapore (678050)
(Enter The Rail Mall carpark on the right, beside the seafood restaurant)
Tel: 6462-0926


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