Monday, June 27

Girlosophy 1 - The Art of Living

Those of you who have read my blog more than once, will notice that I blog on make-up and beauty related posts. However, this blog is not all about make-up and beauty. It's how I feel as an only child, a wife, a mother, an educator, a businesswoman and as myself. I've often hear from friends that life is boring, life is tough, life is bleak, life is this and life is that. 

Growing up, I felt resentful as my family was perfect on the outside, yet broken behind closed doors. I felt like I was living a big fat lie.. As I started working, I rebelled, I partied like a mad girl, I made mistakes, I paid for my mistakes.. only then I realised why Mom did all she had done for the family to look "perfect". That's when I started to appreciate life as it is and make it better for myself cos I'm responsible for my own life and I should not push all the blame of the unhappiness within onto other people and worst, run myself.

I began to appreciate small things every single day. I don't show it to anyone, I quietly shared the happiness with myself. 

The Art of Living

Appreciate the smallest thing, whether a smile, a card, someone with nice perfume walked by, a lovely view, or a cute stray creature on the streets..

Take care of daily rituals of your life - the preparation of your meals, making your bed the way you want it to be, bathing with your favourite products, dressing up in your comfort clothes, texting your friends and calling your family..

Consider carefully the effects on other people of all your actions, words and thoughts. Everything eventually comes back to you AKA karma..

Cultivate an understanding of other cultures and viewpoints especially when it's difficult to put yourself in their position.. AKA think before you speak, be tactful..

Be thankful for every yummilicious meal, every glass of water and every comfort in your home.

That's how I started calming myself down and think with a clear mind and once the momentum starts, you will have a different take on life pronto. It will not take a day to change the mindset.. lotsa negativity will rush in your mind but take time to chillax.

Just Dream


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