Friday, July 22

Girlosophy 4: Say NO and mean it.

Ok, before I actually start this entry, I have to say, officially, I can't log on to my Xanga site and blog on my personal stuff... so this site will also include some personal feelings and stuff so if at any point of time you're uncomfortable reading this site because of my personal side of life, then u can exit this page. =) Unless you wanna know how horrifying I can be!! HA!

Right..... so Saying NO and Mean It.
I think this is something many find it hard to do? Some will do it with ease. For me... it'll depend on the situation. Younger, I would have the tendency to just do whatever people say. Now, hell to the NO! I won't just do anything for no reason. I will weigh the pros and cons and consequences then comes the decision.

If someone asks you to do something you don't want to, it's darn easy honey - say NO! You don't need an excuse: a polite smile and a firm 'NO' is enough. Don't give in. When people refuse to hear your message, it's all the more reason to say NO and move on.

If you want to be sure you've got the gig,
If someone's promising you the world,
If they say they're on the same page as you are,
AND you want to see what the real deal is
If you believe it when you see it, then
Get It in Writing!

Pen it out then there's no discrepancies in the future.


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