Tuesday, July 26

Girlosophy 5 - Karma PLUS Sophia's 2nd!

Hey you guys! Over the weekend, I celebrated my babygirl's 2nd birthday with a few very close friends who are (also) married with kids and we had an amazing time bonding as friends and of cos, the kids had their chaotic fun as well...

Happy 2nd Birthday my precious Sophia Iman Liu Xuan Ling!

Today's Girlosophy No. 5 talks about... Karma. It is a strong word and a word that I strongly believe and take seriously.

What you did yesterday will bear fruit in what you do and who you are today. This is karma in action. Karma is a Sanskrit term and is also known as the law of cause and effect. It's a doctrine which states everything you do, be it good or bad, has a consequence. You can influence destiny by exercising your free will in a certain way. The beauty of this is that karma can be built up and it can also be burned off. Every new day is a chance to change your destiny.

I believe in Karma. I've seen "retributions" happening right in front of my very eyes and I'm telling you for real, it's not funny at all. Of cos, I'm not saying you have to be a saint so Karma won't befall you but just be wise in your decisions. Be smart in your actions. I have had my fair share of retribution and thank God for it or else, I'll never be who I am today. I'm not afraid to admit my mistakes and I am responsible for things I do and say. A hundred people can confront me and force a reason out of me for the things I do or say but I HAVE a choice to say or not cos only I know why I do certain things and I dun have to explain to anyone anything. Sometimes it's for someone else's good, sometimes, I just want to rant it out. It's my choice, my freedom of speech so if there's anyone out there reading this, doesn't like what I just typed, u can click at the "close" icon of your web screen and do something else and leave me alone.

Just be tactful and make sure ure actions and what u say are in sync. Don't, i repeat, Don't be a hypocrite. U can still talk to someone (if it's someone at your workplace) you don't like, rather than showing a face that it's totally unnecessary. It doesn't mean that you're being a hypocrite, it is just "easing" your hatred towards him/her. U will never know when you would ever need help from that someone you don't like. Even if you can foresee that you'll never need his/her help, it's only basic courtesy that you still open your mouth to talk when necessary. I'm not asking you to go all "hey! how're you doing?"  You wouldn't want another person to call u a Petty Pig or say that your folks didn't teach you manners right? Just put on a normal facial expression, give an "official" friendly smile rather than "Hey girl/dude!"

Don't just "want" to talk to a person just only when you heard a rumour of something being passed around. It makes you a busybody. People will see u as the one who wants to spark off a girl fight.Stay neutral. Stay out of it. If it doesn't concern you, back off. I know of someone who only chooses who she wants to talk to and when there's trouble brewing, she's the first in line to be part of the "confrontational" conversation but when she makes a mistake, she doesn't apologize. This is a bitch I had to deal with for the past 15th months. Who the hell cares, I don't talk to her unless it's necessary. I only show my basic courtesy around everyone, other than that, I have a straight face. Recently, I sorta made a "mistake" which I don't feel it's a mistake, I have my freedom of speech and if you wanna "talk" to me, it's either you wanna "confront" the truth I said or you think I'm a pushover. I used to be afraid no one would talk to me (being the only child) but now, I like being alone. I am happy working alone, shopping alone, being at home alone, taking long bus rides alone, even eating alone. Trust me, have lesser quality friends than a ton of friends that are out to destroy your life.

Bad or Good Karma... u decide which one you wanna befall u at the end of the day. U make your own decision. 


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