Thursday, July 28

I made ME a guinea pig...

Couple of months ago, I started working out at the nearby park and in 2 weeks, I saw a huge difference in my lifestyle. I ate well and I lost 2 kg. Then, after a bout of flu and lotsa work, my exercise regime dipped and I eventually stopped. Then I gained back my 2kg. I literally made myself my own guinea pig. I wanted to see the difference in working out and not working out, and how fast I was going to pile on that weight.

Then comes skincare... I know, it's a big NO to make my skin a guinea pig... Couple of weeks ago, I started drinking like... bottles of water, throughout the day. Man, the difference in my face is crazy! Suddenly my face became supple and the oil sebum on my face lessen like almost half! So again, me, being the genius, lessen the amount of times of drinking water... and there, my skin started flaking.. I was like a moulting snake! Zits started popping up!

I never believed in all these "beauty-is-pain" s**t. Now, i truly believe. I won't label it as pain? I will say its definitely hard work. I have started my "beauty is hard work" theory and I know, it takes a good amount of time to feel good inside out. No crash diets, no pills, just good healthy nutrition with exercise.

Remember, mind over body. If you want something, you gotta work for it. Convince yourself, then your body will convince you.


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