Wednesday, July 6

A Surprise Lunch Date

Last week, Roger (my husband) decided to surprise me with a lunch date! As the most UNromantic husband in the entire world, he brought me to a "secret" place to have lunch together, away from the hawker food that we have all the time! I was thrilled and best part of lunch, we did Western!

Sloane Court Hotel at Balmoral Road

If I'm not wrong, this hotel has at least existed more then 2 decades already! They have a restaurant right beside the lobby area called the Berkeley Restaurant. The restaurant/bar's concept is American Country. I felt like I was in old Nashville, Tennessee! They play Gold 90.5fm and the food is seriously "old-school" style and taste! It was absolutely HEAVEN!

I had the Italian Minnestrone and an egg, mushroom and steak set. I loved the minnestrone! It was delish! It tasted like home-cooked and definitely no MSG! The steak (i had a medium) was even better! The meat was uber tender and literally melted in my mouth. No, i'm not exaggerating! I am a very particular person when it comes to food. I am willing to pay for good food. It's definitely better than Jack's Place! Sorry, that's from my point of view of course.

The restaurant also offers a variety of liquor and desserts. I didn't have any of them! It was lunch and I can't be drinking in the middle of the day! I didn't have any desserts cos I had a meeting after that so I didn't wanna eat too much!

Roger told me that many business people would go there for meetings because of the quiet environment. While having lunch, I saw crowds of office attire beings walking in, already knew what they wanted to eat! The staff are friendly too! Only thing is you might have to wait for your food for a tad longer but trust me, its worth waiting. The staff might even suggest ordering food that would not take too long to prepare so you have more time to eat and still be in time to return to office.

Food: 4/5     Staff: 4/5     Ambience: 3.5/5     Location: 3/5     Service: 3.5/5


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