Sunday, July 17

Walking down memory lane...

On Friday, I walked down the railway track for the 2nd and last time with my dear friend... We walked the railway in 2008 when it was still in operations but we had to detour out halfway Bukit Timah area. This time, we only managed to walk till Holland Village area as the weather was pretty bad. I was definitely disappointed!! But at least, I know, twice in my life, I walked down the railway with the same person more than 2 years ago and few days ago. He promised me then we would complete the walk together.. though we didn't literally complete the walk, we walked much further than the previous time. It was memorable =)


So thanks to the rain, dear friend and I went to catch a movie! 
As usual, two thumbs up, even though the ending was predictable. 

Thanks for "completing" the walk with me.. 


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