Friday, August 12

Bringing out the artistic "sight"

So, Sophia just celebrated her 2nd birthday last month and she received quite a lot of gifts from close friends and family. One of which that she received was this water-based drawing mat!

They called it the Aqua Doodle, from Kiddy Palace.

My cousin, Sylvia bought this for her and I have to say, Sophia enjoyed doodling on this mat very much! I do not know how much it costs as the price tag was stripped off the box. 

Fill up the empty marker with just water, and you're ready to draw on the mat. Let it dry, then draw again! No fuss with cleaning or washing. The mat just dries up! Only thing is the kid will only see the colour "blue" on the mat. The 26 alphabets surround the white doodle area. Kids can write over the alphabets!

I believe that kids should be expose to artsy stuff and have both their left and right brains work. We shouldn't just focus on the academic perspective but also other skills possible. I have started Sophia on drawing especially because of the colours involved. I get her Crayola crayons and my bff made her a sketch book for her to draw. Yesterday, she blew me away wit her "art"! I was so proud of my little girl!

Er, she didn't write her name of course.. my helper did. =)
She does have a mean stroke!

Next "artsy" stuff that I'm gonna expose her to will be hand painting! That will be a challenge. That calls for a new art smock!


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