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Food For The Tummy

At 2 years old, it's important to make sure that your baby is eating extremely well and hopefully (keeping fingers crossed) not a picky eater. At this age, they are aware of what is on their plate! They are starting to be cautiously aware of what their parents are feeding them with... (moms and dads, don't try to lie your way through telling your child that the boiled carrot taste good cos we know it doesn't.)

During my first 2 trimester, I was literally vegetarian. I did not gain much weight and I couldn't eat any kinds of meat! I was just noming on the greens, fruits, cereals.. carbs. Up till the last trimester, then I started eating meat! After I gave birth, I had to pump my body with all the iron cos I lost alot of blood during birth (i had a day of blood transfusion). What's worst, I couldn't breastfeed cos I didn't have enough milk (only 2 weeks of breastfeeding). Pregnant moms, don't ever think you need to eat for two. NO!! You don't need to eat for two! Our daily calories intake is capped at 1200kal. Pregnant mommies will need about 1400-1500kal per day! Overeating may cause you to have pregnancy diabetes or high blood pressure. PLEASE!!!! Eat healthily cos your little one inside will be "consuming" too! Don't forget to drink milk formulas for pregnant mothers! They are made specially for you, for a purpose! Don't take your cravings as a sign your child wants to eat. IT'S ALL IN YOUR MIND! Yes, I craved for Kinder Bueno chocolates every day for 9 months but I made sure I drink lotsa water and eat my healthy food!

When Sophia started weaning, she would only eat puree fruits. I bought the Heinz bottled puree and I made my own papaya, melons, banana and strawberries puree. She didn't eat porridge. She preferred rice as young as 6 months. I started mincing chicken and beef for her. She couldn't eat fish. She would vomit the fish dishes we made. I started giving her fish porridge after she turned one, with much difficulty. She was the "reverse" picky eater. She would rather eat fruits the entire day, than eat proper food. She didn't put on any weight, she was only growing taller. It took her much later (about 17-18 months old) to eat meat. I spoke to my PD (my PD who took care of me when I was a baby) and she told me it was not a problem. She was not worried that Sophia refused meat. She told me that Sophia will eventually eat meat. True enough, Sophia ate meat dishes much later.

Now, Sophia's diet includes cheese, pasta, soba noodles, steamed rice, noodle soup, porridge and fruits. I will alternate her meals daily. However, my daughter gets bored with food very easily. I had to make her meals as colourful as I can with the greens. She loves her scallions, fried shallots, broccoli, spinach and french beans. My girl likes a little spice in her food too! She started eating on her own using her hands (yes, all 10 fingers). Now, she enjoys using her colourful spoons! She likes crispy stuff, be it crackers or homemade french fries. Did I mention she LOVES Ribena? Since young, she would insist on her Ribena (she would carry the bottle from the rack) or else, she will throw her princess tantrums UNTIL she gets her purple liquid. Of cos, I don't make the drink sweet at all cos all she needs is that tinge of purple in her little bottle.

I noticed parents have problems feeding their child the right kinds of food. Some will go all organic for the child, some will feed the child junk (Macs or KFC), some will just allow the child to eat whatever they want. I give Sophia an option when we go grocery shopping. She will point to whatever she wants, I'll see if it's appropriate for her and if it's ok, I'll buy. If it's a nay, I will tell her that I will buy that for her when she's older. Lucky for me, my girl understands everything I say, and she will get something that she knows I'll buy. She won't push her luck by throwing tantrums, roll all over the floor, crying for attention.. cos she knows mommy doesn't take that kinda nonsense.

Basically, feed your child healthily. U don't necessarily have to steam everything, boil everything, poach everything or have everything organic. Just less salt, sugar and oil. Have them eat together as a family (to promote the bonding) and let them mess up! If you are worried of mess, get a smock (the art kind) or change them into the "mealtime clothes". Don't listen to others when they say.."Oh, u must teach them table manners" or "Oh, they will mess up the entire place" or "Oh, they will misbehave to get attention". Please..... listen to yourself. What do you want your child to learn? If they mess up, have them clean up with u. If they misbehave, talk to them before mealtime and remind them constantly that no misbehaviour should be displayed during mealtime. If they bang their hands on the table, tell them it's not acceptable, without hitting or screaming. Eventually, the child will get it. Children at this age, their brains are like sponges. They absorb things faster than a sponge! It's like they always say "Monkey see, Monkey do".

Let them try everything, even if it's KFC or Macs. Just a little! Don't even think about giving them the entire burger or even half. Just a bite and get them the healthier alternatives like the cup corn or yoghurt. Don't deprive them of anything cos they are curious little beings. It's only normal for them to want what their moms and dads are eating. Remember, don't overfeed them!!! A little bit goes a long way! 6-8 small meals for the little one is really sufficient!

Don't have to worry what others are teaching you what to do. You have to trust yourself. The best person to consult is your Gynae (for pregnant moms) and the PD (for your child). Older folks will tell you good stuff but you don't have to necessarily follow every single advice. Listen to yourself. What do you wanna feed your child? Will your child accept? Forcing your child to eat something is not gonna solve the problem. Put yourself in their shoes. I'm sure you know what I meant.

Good luck on feeding the tummy! Before I sign off, I wanna share some pictures of my girl during her snack time!
Strawberry Jam "Star" Sandwich with Tomato Flavoured Pretzel Sticks with warm chocolate drink (no sugar)

Dinner: Home made oven baked French Fries with minced chicken and scallions patty.


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