Wednesday, August 3

Shop and Tell: DIAL

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If you know me since young, you probably would know that I am allergic to cucumber and all products with cucumber extracts. I started being allergic to cucumber since secondary school and till now, I don't have a clue why I would be allergic to it! So recently, I bought DIAL's shower gel from ISETAN Supermarket (Shaw Centre, Orchard). It is cranberry infused with antioxidant pearls and I have to tell u, it smells so good that I wanna eat it! DIAL is an American brand and this costs around $6 (only one size). I don't remember the actual amount (bad memory). So far, I haven't seen this brand elsewhere except for ISETAN Orchard. 

I switched to DIAL by chance. I've used so many different brands and my skin reacts weirdly to some brands like DOVE, Shokubutsu, Dettol, etc.. Some made my skin dry, some itch the living hell out of me, some left an oily residue which I truly dislike. Previously, I was using Dove's Cucumber Green Tea Body Moisture cos I was hoping I could at least use something cucumber-ish without consuming it.. ( I was so wrong!)
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I was itching all over every day using this, thanks to the cucumber extract. The smell is heavenly! I tolerated my itch for a good 3 weeks until I couldn't take it any longer. I had to pass it on to my mom. I have sensitive skin, so i have pretty limited product choices. Sad truth! However, DOVE don't hydrate my skin as what it claims its product will do... Sometimes, I get mad at myself for having such a problematic skin! Grrrr....

So far, no side effects YET from my new buy.. let's keep our fingers crossed!! 


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