Wednesday, August 31

Universal Studio & Eid Mubarak updates!

HEY! My sincere apologies for being away! Was truly busy with work and home and I get too tired to blog in the night. Today is great so I've decided to update a couple of cool things that happened over the past few weeks!

I brought Sophia to Universal Studios weeks ago as it was Family Day for Mind Matters Education Centre (Hubs and I work there, he's full-time, I'm part-time) so our incentive was tickets to USS! Awesome or what! Unfortunately the weather that day was awful and Sophia was really grouchy and "depress". I would have to say, I REALLY LOVE THE BABY ROOM! I didn't manage to take a pic in it but it felt so cosy! There was a TV showing Barney there too! It is situated right infront of the entrance of USS.Oh well.. so to make it up to her that day, we brought her for ice-cream at Swensens. She ended her day on a sweet happy note!

Sophia and Mommy

Sophia and Daddy

Woody woodpecker!

A shawl over baby's head to keep away from the never-ending light showers

Pimp my ride!

"When's the rain gonna stop?"

Kissies with Mommy!

With Daddy love!

Mini Coit Tower

So yesterday was Hari Raya Aidilfitri, a month-long celebration for the Muslims to mark the end of the month-long fasting. Being part of a multi-parentage, I get the best of all the cultures in this multi-racial country. I celebrate Chinese New Year, Christmas, Hari Raya and Deepavali. I don't really celebrate Deepavali anymore since years ago as my late grandmother (originated from Guandong, China) didnt wanna be reminded of her late husband. We used to eat "diabetic" sweet cakes (HAHA) and North Indian cuisine at our favourite Indian Restaurant to remember my late grandfather who originated from Bombay, India. 

My father is Indonesian-Chinese Muslim while my mother is Nepalese-Bengali-Chinese. So what does THAT make me? Fusion? I dunno. It's absolutely a chore to explain my parentage to people sometimes. So Sophia, having the BEST of the mixed parentage from the maternal side, gets to celebrate everything too! So this year, my mom bought her a traditional malay outfit to mark the occasion. She was in love with her little "baju kurung" and she didn't want to take it out!

We went to visit my dad who's in hospital
Sophia with Daddy and Grandpa

Dad and I

To all my Muslim friends, family and students, Selamat Hari Raya!

Update soon, and I promise, more often! 


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