Monday, September 5

Bag it up!

As women, we either love shoes, bags or clothes. Or perhaps ALL three! (Raise your hands if you're guilty of loving all three!!) I personally love BAGS. Now I'm beginning to look at shoes (wedges are top favourite!) but due to my ginormous feet (broad and long, size 9-10, depending on its shape) I tend to not get the shoes I love at first sight. I will end up settling for something else. 

When it comes to bags, I like from anything classic to modern, and it has to be a good size. I don't like anything tiny. I have a lot things which I must have in my bag. My ideal bag has to be functional (for leisure and work) and it has to be big enough to fit my other small little bags like my make-up pouch, my long wallet, my wristlet, my key pouch, my ipod shuffle pouch and the list goes on. Most of my bags are totes. I have a couple of small bags which only fit my wallet, cellphone and key and ipod shuffle pouches. I have a couple of medium size ones which fit my essentials as well as a few A4 size worksheets and 4 big totes which i can literally dump a lot of other things inside, even my baby's stuff when we go out. But I know there are more bags out there waiting for me to buy them!!! (I'm coming.. wait for me....)

Recently, my sister gave me a bag, a "spin-off" of Cath Kidston which I absolutely ADORE! I love the color, the prints and the size of cos. SIZE DOES MATTER OK! 

Hello beautiful!

However, I can't use this bag with every single outfit I have! It won't stand out! I have to wear mono-coloured clothings and casual if I wanna use this baby here. It's from HongKong (am not asking you to go HK to get the bag but anything smiliar is great too!) and I am absolutely loving it! (Did I just mention that?) I can put all my stuff in there PLUS my baby's diapers, extra change of clothes and a kid's cup and even her snacks. Of cos I can't stuff in her big bottle bag or else, the bag will explode! But the fact that it fits well on my shoulders tells me that this is a good size and functional. 

The prints on this bag is sweet and casual. It's definitely a "mommy-can-carry-this-bag-and-still-look-modern" rather than dumping every single thing in a diaper bag and lug it everywhere. Just because you're a mother of a 2-year-old doesn't mean you have to use a diaper bag EVEN if the diaper bag costs you $300. There's a reason for it to be called a DIAPER bag. It's for DIAPERS. As a mother, I believe you have to look presentable to feel confident. You pull up your hair into a ponytail, wear comfy fitted clothings and carry a nice bag and still bring your little bub around! Don't tell me that "oh, i have no time to dress up!" (really? then you plan to leave your house naked?) or "i'm a mother, who would look at me?" Of course people are gonna look at u, girl! You represent your family, your child and your idea of motherhood. Look shabby and people will think you have a messy home with toys and clothings strewn all over your shack and your child literally traumatises you every single day. U look good, baby looks good, people's perception of YOU and YOUR FAMILY will change. Trust me. So, rather than piling on the earrings or necklaces, a nice chic bag will complete your look. 

Bag it up, sisters! It's time to spice up your look, and be a fab looking momma!


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