Friday, September 2

Butt Naked Kids Found in Public

I finally got to spend some time with my mom at the mall yesterday with Sophia and of cos, my helper. We went to NEX Mall and bought some stuff. We chanced upon a Kids Play area and I was excited as the weather was pretty fine for Sophia to hang around with other kids at the playground. We got there, and I was absolutely appalled. 

Can you spot a BUTT NAKED kid?! 

There was a sign that says "No Footwear" but there, we have our security guard and a much older kid WITH THEIR FOOTWEAR at the play area. If the management want to make a wet ground for water play, partition it away with the dry play ground. Go look at Northpoint Shopping Mall! That's what I call proper partitioning. As much as I know this place is for kids to have fun, play and get wet, seriously, why would you wanna have your kid take a shower there? I saw 4 kids, literally butt naked, showering and peeing on the play area, WITH THEIR LAUGHING MOTHERS AROUND. What so cute about that???!!! That was absolutely disgusting and uncalled-for. Now I know why kids are always having skin problems! The places that they are exposed to, are not clean (well, that's a general understanding that we all know) but it can be minimized IF we have considerate parents around! STOP ALLOWING YOUR KIDS RUN AROUND BUTT NAKED IN PUBLIC! They are no longer cutesy babies or toddlers that will look "cute" running around naked. Run around naked at home, who cares? These are kids that have already started school and know what's right and wrong. You can't be allowing them to show and dangle their genitals to people around! What if there was some psychopath or paedophile around? Hey, you'll never know! GOODNESS!

Be mindful that there are very young toddlers or crawling individuals around the play area and that place doesn't belong to u! Don't allow your child to PEE on these spongey water-absorbed floor mats! Germs, people, GERMS! Germs in the air are still acceptable because we can't have our child wrapped up in a bubble-wrap so air exposure is unavoidable. But to pee? Send your child to the restroom! Whenever I see kids pee in public, I feel grossed out already. I don't know why you wanna do that to your child. I heard many times at the coffeeshop and parents or grandparents telling their kid, "You wanna pee? Go to that drain there and pee." Now at these kinda kids play area? It's obviously a handful of Singaporeans are inconsiderate bunch of people. I know it's an "older generation" kinda thing. My late grandmother used to ask me to do that too but I refused cos I know what's the toilet for. I'm actually seeing younger parents asking their kids to do that! HELLO! What the hell is wrong with you bunch of people? You are showing off your kids private part to the world! NO offence but what if that child was U? Where's the sense of shame? I'm not blogging this to lecture you but to wake u up! 

As much as I support the idea of having Kids Play area in malls, after seeing what I saw at NEX, I won't allow my Sophia to play at ANY Kids Play area anymore. She has very sensitive skin and some kids and adults are seriously inconsiderate. Some parents behave like kids and think that only their kids are allowed to play at the playground. Some parents don't even tell their child to stop bullying other children and just turn a blind eye. My daughter had been pushed around by other bigger and older kids when she went to the playground. Whenever I go to her rescue, the other parent would think I'm some kind of a kiasu mother who treats her child like a diamond. OF COS MY CHILD IS MY PRECIOUS GEM! This is basic manners! She was so traumatised that she won't play at the playground if there were kids around. If you parents think it's okay for children to learn how to fight for things, esp in public, good luck to you when your child gets older. 

If you're a guilty parent reading this, change your disgusting actions. It's a "monkey-see-monkey-do" between the child and the parent. 

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  1. I agree on that.... so many time we see them in the public.




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