Sunday, September 4

Happy Teacher's Day! (Thank U Students!)

Teacher's Day used to fall on every 1st September. This year and for the years to come, Teacher's Day will be on the first Friday of September. Being a teacher for the past 10 years, I've received countless of gifts on this special day, which till this day, I still have them in my box. Some are memories, which will be etched in my mind, i hope, for the rest of my life.

This year, my students from Mind Matters gave me cutesy and adorable gifts! Among my gifts were chocolates, fabric flower, pen, note pad and even Chanel eyeshadow quad!

To my current students who are reading this blog entry:

Thank you for all your lovely gifts! I truly love them all. I hope, wherever you will be in the future, always remember the lessons learnt while growing up. These lessons are the most valuable ones and they can't be bought with any amount of money. I know I've been naggy during lessons, I've screamed my lungs out at all of you guys before, but I truly meant well. We've been through good and bad times and I will always remember all the memories we share together. We're not only teacher-and-students, we're friends too. No matter what, I'm always here to lend a listening ear. 

To my PSLE students, good luck in your national exams. I know you guys are capable of fabulous results. Just focus, calm your nerves down and remember all the lessons you've learnt from your teachers. 
I'll be awaiting for good news before the year ends.                

To all my current colleagues of Mind Matters Education Centre, ex-colleagues of International School of Singapore, Canadian International School, Whizland Education Centre, my ex-teachers of St.Margaret's Primary and Secondary School and lecturers of Academy of Certified Counsellors, School of Counselling and Psychology (Ms Marion Neubronner, Mr Kirby and Dr Clare Ong), my friends and relatives in the Education sector...

Happy Teacher's Day!


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