Saturday, September 17

Sophia's starting Playschool!

Yesterday (16.09) I brought Sophia to her trial playgroup session at Tumble Tots (@Jurong East) and I have to say, she had an awesome time with her new little friends and engaging in all the games, circle time, story session, colouring time and equipment time! She didn't even realise I went to the restroom and went out of the studio a couple of times to make and answer phonecalls! 

My dear friend, Pearle, who was my senior in secondary school is a teacher there so I thought, "Why not put Sophia in the care of my friend?" Without hesitation, I registered her up for playgroup and she'll be starting next month!

I'm absolutely pleased with Tumble Tots (@Jurong East). Their objective is "Play to Learn" and that is my belief when it comes to toddlers' growing up years. Rather than exposing them to very academic-books-and-paper style of learning, why not play with things they're familiar with to learn? At this age, it's all about the colours, shapes, sizes, motor skills, interaction and positive communication. That's what Tumble Tots do! Not only the homeroom teachers are interactive, they are energetic and speak well! Language is also important, for me. I would not want Sophia to come home and speak Singlish to me because, trust me guys, I WILL have cardiac arrest. I will bawl my eyes out. When I teach, I don't speak Singlish 97% of the time! Well, 3% of my time when not teaching, I admit, I speak a little Singlish but being trained in International Schools in the past for a solid 6.5 years helped me a lot in my English. But for growing kids, we shouldn't expose our children to wrong English! I don't need my child to speak like an English but just not Singlish.

For Tumble Tots (@Jurong East) specialises in Playgroups and Nursery Classes. They have daily 3-hour lessons, 3x weekly and 2x weekly. Their class size is pretty decent, maximum of 15 students. The teacher-student ratio is 3:15 so you will see 3 teachers in the studio with the kids and different activities will be carried out by different teacher. Session starts at 9am and ends at 12 noon. Time passes very fast with all the activities and I was very impressed with the swift rotation and no major "breakdown" in between sessions. They even have a Chinese teacher who comes in 2x a week. She sings and reads during the Mandarin sessions. Tumble Tots educators believe in engaging the kids almost every moment while in the studio. They won't allow kids idle around doing their own things. They speak positively to the children, yet firm. They don't show faces to the kids and always have an assuring smile to make the children feel at home. 


Interested parents, google and find out more or comment below!


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