Thursday, October 27

Be Natural!

Hi everyone! So sorry to be away for a while! Been really busy with (and I'm still busy) but I wanna get out of the whole work thing and blog!!! 

I've been wanting to do this entry for awhile now. It's a great natural stress-free, fuss-free and natural "lifestyle" I've been doing so far. This includes skincare and food wise. Great for busy mothers who are literally on the go chasing after your bubs and working. 

Past 2 months, I've been very stressed out with work and at one point, my hormones were imbalance and I had a massive breakout on my lower right side of my cheeks. I never had breakouts like that in my entire life before, not even when I was pregnant with my daughter. But it happened.. (like what Justin Bieber would sing "never say never"..) I was mortified. I was so upset and I started to try a couple of new skincare products, but my breakout got worst. So I was just YouTube surfing one evening and it turned out, what I should put on my face is something closest to nature. It has to be as natural as possible!

(Refill pack around $4.00 - $6.00)

I've been washing my Oatmeal! I've been using it for the past 2 months and I must say, tho I still have lil' breakouts here and there, my face is generally glowing! Not glowing from oil (i do have combination, acne-prone skin) but glowing as in clean. Also I used clay mask, sheet masks and natural yoghurt mask.
Queen Helene's Mint Julep Masque

My Beauty Diary's Strawberry Yoghurt Sheet Mask
(Box of 10 sheets  - $10.00 at neighbourhood's beauty supply store)
Paul's All Natural Yoghurt
(Small tub - between $3.00 - $5.00)

Apologies if the price I added may be incorrect. I can't really remember but it's around that cost. Anyways, those are my go-to natural products for my face now.. Of cos the sheet masks are not absolutely 100% natural, but its good enough for me as it hydrates my skin very well. The Mint Julep is good for spot treatments. First time users will definitely feel a burning sensation upon first application. Subsequent applications, you won't feel any burning sensation anymore. However, the natural yoghurt one...amazing! It sinks into your skin in like 10 mins and after 15-20 mins, you wash off, your skin will feel good, and it will smell good too! A small teaspoon, a mask bowl and mask brush is all you need. Make sure you store your yoghurt properly, cover with aluminium foil over once you open the foil from the tub. Use the above products alternately. U won't see results instantly... give a good 2-3 months to see results. 

This year, I don't deny my weight hiked a little and it's tough to get rid off. I definitely am feeling frustrated. So past couple of weeks, I've been trying to eat healthy. My working hours are mainly in the late evening. My classes are like 7pm-ish so my dinner time is often disrupted. On my working nights (tues, weds and sats) I will eat after 930pm which is SUPER unhealthy and I will get so hungry by then. I don't eat oily unhealthy stuff, I eat my carbs. As much as I refrain from eating too much carbs, I will end up eating most of it off my plate. It's not that I love my carbs, it's found everywhere! In Singapore, carbs are EVERYWHERE! U wanna eat healthy, u will end up buying from the grocery, it's super expensive. I love my tofu, i love my romaine lettuce, i love my oatmeal (yes, i eat it for breakfast too, not only to wash my freaking face ok... =p) but when I go to the hawker and tell the I don't want rice or noodles, just the dishes, they give me a "what the hell you think you're doing" kinda look, AND it would cost more than a normal plate of rice and dishes. They tend to charge higher! So I try to eat at home. But husband is a picky eater. He doesn't eat what I like to eat. I will end up cooking pretty much the same food for him. Husband is a typical Chinese cuisine kind of man, while I am a Western/European salads, pasta, soups, stew kinda woman, and he is not a fan of it. So ends up.. I accommodate to his preference. So what I do now is, portion control, drink gallons of water, drink 2 cups of green tea a day, eat every 3 hours (not big meals but snacks to keep hunger at bay) and walk/jog. I haven't started on my walk-a-jog cos I'm just too busy with rushing my curriculum.. The problem I have is I sit a lot on my work desk. Every single day, I can be found on my work desk, seated for hours. THAT IS BAD! I know it's bad but I CAN'T HELP IT!!!!! I definitely can blend in if I stay in USA or  u know, in the western culture.. In South-East-Asian culture, my size is an outcast. Thanks to the wrong media message companies been sending out, emphasizing on weight this, weight that... kicking in the wrong mentality to the people. It makes us super unhealthy in the mind. Sigh.. I need to do something to all these wrong messages. (Partner, it's time to work on a project on this).

Keeping an open mind and not comparing yourself to others WILL make a difference in your life. We are mothers. We are workers. We are wives. We do everything from kids to work to home. Don't say "How come Heidi Klum can be so gorgeous even after 4 kids and she can still work like she doesn't have any commitments?" Girl, you have no freaking clue what goes behind closed doors for these celebs. They lugged their kids everywhere, they can afford securities, nannies, etc. Can we? If you can, good for u. If you're just an ordinary mother, what are you gonna do? Instead of comparing, tell yourself that you are NOT the only mother in the entire world. If other mothers can do it, you can do it too and better! We have to do things according within our means, not BEYOND our means. Be realistic! Fulfil each day positively.

At the end of the day, being a mother is not easy but it is absolutely fulfilling. If you're not a mother yet and you're reading this, appreciate your mother. If you're a mother, do the right things for your children and inculcate the right morales. 

Love & Light,

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