Friday, October 7

Hospital, television and being the Sophia she is!

Sophia has grown so much.. and I have to say, I wish she was still a little baby. Nowadays, she's like a baby dinosaur. My little girl is sometimes girly, but most of the time, she's like a boy. She's pretty independent too. Of course, I do regret not spending enough time with her when she was a baby due to looking after my sick dad but I know I have a lifetime to be with her and watch her grow up healthy and strong.

Beginning of last month, Sophia was admitted to hospital for gastroenteritis which simply put in layman term is virus of the intestines? I dunno, that was what I was told. Anyways, I was so heartbroken to see her being placed under IV Drip on her tiny hand and I bawled my eyes out when she was pricked in the treatment room and I wasn't allowed inside the darn room. But after a day of IV treatment to stop her diarrhoea and vomiting, she was much better and even got to enjoy a cup of apple juice! 

Kids, when they get admitted in hospital for some kind of medical attention, parents really have got to be super patient cos' they whine at every little thing! I know for sure, one thing will just probably make their life a little better ; balloons. I spent so much money on balloons just to stop Sophia from all the tears and whining and it works. Everywhere we went, a child would definitely be carrying a balloon! It instantly brings a smile on their faces! Mr Balloon-Inventor, you're the bomb!

Sophia is growing really fast and I'm pretty sure I mentioned a gazillion times in my past entries. She is learning to talk now, and pretty much able to say quite alot of words like "apple", "ball", "hands", "eyes", "bye-bye", "mine", "no", "woo-hoo" (is that a word?) and many more.. and I've gotta say, I'm really proud of her and I still remember many months ago, I was so worried she won't even wanna talk! I believe something that many feels negative about actually helped her; television.

She's obsessed (i mean it!) with Nick Jr. channel 304 on Starhub Cable. She watches every single show on that channel! I can tell you what are all the shows.. they have "Ni Hao Kai Lan", "Bubble Guppies", "Go, Diego, Go!", "Dora the Explorer", "Blue's Clues", "Max and Ruby", "Fifi and the Flowertots" and "Wonder Pets"... Her ultimate favourite is "Go, Diego Go!" and her least favourite is "Fifi and the Flowertots". She can sit all day infront of the tv and watch and laugh all by herself! I would give the thumbs up cos Sophia learnt most words from these shows and she can fully understand what the cartoons are all about. Nick Jr shows are catered for ages 4 above and Sophia started to watch them before she even turned 2! She may not know how to talk but these shows actually keeps her little curious mind work! Because she loved her shows so much, she would fight for her tv rights with us adults at home! I know some of you might disagree with me and say "tv is not good for kids..". I don't deny but there are good shows out there that really helps children. Of course, I still expose Sophia to books and colouring! 

She loves her drawing time and she must read a book before she sleeps. I would say it's the adults that must scrutinise the kind of shows the kids watch cos they will just do whatever we say. Plus, the shows are "speaking" in good English. However I have specific telly time for her. Mornings till 1pm.. and 5plus till 7pm. in between the day, she will have her reading time or playtime. So far, she's adapting pretty well.

If she doesn't pull a cheeky stunt, she ain't Sophia. She loves to make all of us laugh till our guts roll and she loves to do the funniest and most unimaginable stunts. One of her favourite things to do is sitting in her toy basket!

Sophia is just being...Sophia.

Watching the love of your life (sorry, husband, you're the 2nd love..) grow up happy, healthy.. and being all cheeky and making you laugh... is something that can't be bought with money. Its family. Money is something, but money is not everything... You can never buy family love with money. Even without money, its the family love that will warm your heart. Money is just a temporary gratification. I know many people out there will agree and disagree with me so it's all good.. 

Enjoy all the time you can have with your little one cos they are only this adorable once (i cannot imagine 5 years down the road) and once it's over, you will have to deal with their...u know.. nonsense. *wails*

Happy Children's Day!


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