Tuesday, October 4

Welcome Baby Zonya!

I have been waiting for this day for the longest time! My best friend just gave birth to her 2nd child (my god-daughter) and let's all welcome baby Zonya Yap En Xi!

Isn't she the most adorable thing? Ok, all babies ARE cute. She's like a bee! (That's what my bestie calls her) and her face so red and rosy! Awww..

Bestie asked me,"Oi You.. when are you having your 2nd one?" I just stared at her, smiling and just said, "Wait." She was like saying how long am I gonna wait and what am I waiting for. Ok, now, a baby doesn't fly by as and when I want. Of course I want to have another child but there's just a number of things to think about.. But eventually, if it comes, it comes. I try not to think too much about it. 

At the end of the day, I won't want Sophia to be the only child cos I know how it felt to be an only child. I want her to have a sibling so that when I'm gone, she still has a family to go to when she runs into any kinda problems.

To parents who wants to have a second child, remember this : You have to be able to afford for your children equally. Don't listen to people around you telling you about the age gaps of the children, or things like "have more kids when you're younger". It's easier said than done. Don't slog your life out to provide for your kids and end up not spending quality time with family. I know nothing is considered perfect but choices we make that decide the future. No one knows what goes behind closed doors and no one has to know too. Of cos, if things come unplanned, then quickly figure out PlanB, rather than waiting for the bub to arrive then start panicking. Make sure you plan out with your partner and come to a compromise to deal with important things then plan about finances. In Singapore, even with the baby bonus, it doesn't really cover everything. Not every clinics or schools accept the "baby bonus scheme" and the "child-development account". You still have to set aside cash for rainy days. 

Bottom line is, come to a mutual agreement to expand the family to avoid conflicts in the future.

Congratulations to my bestie and her newborn once again! I love you both so much! 


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