Friday, December 23

Christmas Countdown + Shopping (for kids) tips!

Hey everyone! Excited for the long weekend? 

I've been rather busy stressed up lately.. with work and also, I'm pretty under the weather. Also, dad's been really sick and keeping my fingers crossed that he will recover completely soon.

So Christmas is just round the corner and sadly for this year, it will not be as exciting as other years cos' Mom is going on a short trip with her best friend to Kuala Lumpur for 5D4N. Oh well, she has worked hard for so long, it's only fair for her to have a good time with her bestie. =) I'll just probably catch up with work, spend time with Sophia and hubby. 

I'm sure many people would be doing last minute shopping for friends and family. I had a couple of doubts while shopping for bestie's kiddos.. one being the newborn and one being the oldborn (hahaha!) toddler, I meant. So as I was looking around, I actually managed to piece out some tips for mothers shopping for their kids or other kids for gifts.. whether ure on a budget or not.. This can also help in shopping for birthdays! 

1. Try to avoid buying clothes.
- The reason I say this because, all kids are of different sizes. The sizes range stated on the tags of the clothes are based on average size kids, based on that age. I remembered my daughter never wore a Size 0 clothings even though she was a newborn then.. she wasn't fat, per se.. She was just big-boned. She never even wore a newborn diaper! Haha! What I'm trying to say is, get something conventional. U know.. useful. Examples, little face towels, bibs... for bigger kids, u can get them, books, DVDs for learning purposes, colouring materials, etc... Clothes and shoes are definitely not advisable cos' kids outgrow stuff like that very fast. Even toys... I prefer toys that promotes cognitive learning and motor skills development. However, it has to be age appropriate. For kids learning how to walk, you might wanna get your hands on little socks! Of cos, buy only if you're really sure about the size.

2. Don't buy food/chocolates/sweets
- You wouldn't want the child to break out in hives or some rashes or allergies over a small piece of chocolate, rite? Especially if your child or another child has not done allergy patch test.. do not buy anything for consumption, to avoid unnecessary problems. Kids can be allergic to nuts, chocolates, sugar, flour, eggs, wheat and the list goes on... To avoid ruining the festive mood or the special occasion, we avoid giving food related "gifts".

3. Buy something child-friendly
Many times, kids stuff are really cute and u can't resist getting your hands on it. However, some toys or products are not child-friendly. They may have edges that may not have an extremely sharp end but it can pose some sort of danger to the child. Make sure you check the products thoroughly. If you wanna buy artsy stuff like paint or crayons, make sure u get those that are specially for kids. Those kids kinda art stuff have no heavily pigmented dyes in them so it's safe, however, be very careful. Store them away from children and if they are in contact with it, have an adult supervision.

4.  Customized Gifts
For your own child or if you are willing to spend a little bit more, get customized gifts. I've linked up a few sites on customization on the right side bar of my blog, from T-Shirts to Lunchboxes to Bags, etc... Those kinds make great special gifts. Very personal and meaningful. 

5. Gift Cards or Vouchers
If you totally run out of ideas for the kids, just get a gift card or gift voucher and let the parents get something for their own child. Even a restaurant voucher can solve the problem.  If you're getting for someone else's kids, you might not know what the kid might or might not like. Their parents will know better. If the kid is like.. 5 yrs old and above, u can give that kid a shopping voucher, and the kid will decide what he or she wants.  

6. Books
If all fails, books are the safest bet. It will always work. Of cos, it has to be age appropriate. 

7.  Baby Necessities (for First Time Mother aka FTM)
You can help your FTM friends/family (if you're experienced yourself) products that first time mothers would need, if the kid is still below 5 months.. Think about what they might need during the entire year, check with them if they have or not have certain things.. get for them. Not only you're showing your support, you're teaching them so that in future, they can do for other FTM.

Well I hope these tips can help you out on last minute shopping ideas or on your plans for other occasions. I wanna wish you a very Happy Christmas and enjoy feasting! 


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