Tuesday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day

Hey everyone! Happy Valentine's Day.. well, almost. It's about 15 mins away from midnight, over at my part of the world (wherever you're reading from) and I hope everyone has prepared something special for their loved ones because.... I HAVEN'T!

It's not that I don't wanna get the husband anything. My husband is one kind of a man that feels he doesn't need anything except rest SO my Valentine's Day "gift" for him will be a staycation somewhere, out there, where? Hmm.. due to our work commitments, I have to arrange a belated staycation (cos we just got back from Aussie in January). It's not cheap, ya know...

Valentine's Day was a day where I didn't really celebrate much when I was single... I always thought WHY ONLY BE EXTRA SPECIAL ON THAT DAY? I, for one, don't really like to follow the norm. I like to buy random gifts for my loved ones, be it family, friends or hubby. I feel it shouldn't just be for your lover. It should be for everyone you love! For instance, my sister gave me a picture frame with a picture of us with my lil daughter, taken on the eve of my birthday. See! Sissy-love. *muah*

I did not marry a romantic man. The husband is...just...weird. He is not that kinda man who shows me the passionate affection or says the three golden words to me randomly. He always says "I don't have to keep telling you that I love you cos in the long run, it's no longer special." (but you haven't said it in a LONG-ASS time, you nut!) Ok, he has a point but u know.. sometimes, you just wanna hear it, rite ladies? But well.. I can't complain. He is who he is before marriage and till now so... (le sigh)

For those single ladies out there, young or old... broken-hearted one.. newly married ones, divorced ones.. in a relationship ones.. Valentine's Day is for everyone you love. Of cos, your significant other half will definitely be the most special. Sometimes it's not the gift you get for your other half. It's how much you put into your relationship. It doesn't have to be a one-way "traffic" in the union.. It has to be a give and take commitment. Ladies, don't just throw everything out to the man you haven't said "I DO" to, ok? You need to keep some love to yourself. Dudes, don't give in to your lady's whines and cries for their material needs cos if a lady goes to you for material love, you can just leave her at the highway and say goodbye. Husbands, if you're newly married, appreciate your wife (if she deserves it) as she plays a part in maintaining the marriage. If your family includes lil kiddos, show appreciation to your wife as she has bore you a beautiful child to complete the family. Hello, childbirth is not easy ok? Try being in 14 hours of labour (in my sad case) and start pushing out a human being from the vajay-jay, and then, breastfeed, waking up in the middle of the night and start singing to a baby who refuses to sleep at 3am. Tough stuff!

As a wife myself, I don't take ALL the credit (ahem..).. I have to give some credit to the husband who brings home the bacon and then I fry the bacon. I salute single mothers. With all my heart, I take my hats off you ladies! You have my respect! 

So people.. enjoy your Valentine's Day with your loved ones and remember, go easy on the drinks cos you wouldn't wanna say or do the wrong thing on a romantic evening! Hahahah!! Love you all! 


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