Tuesday, May 8

Food Alert : Siamese Cat Restaurant

If you don't like to eat and wants to starve yourself to death to be skinny, you can exit my page now. BYE!

Before I went to visit Dad on Vesak Day, my family and I decided to find lunch. Hubby was driving around Changi Road and then I stumbled upon a restaurant called Siamese Cat Restaurant. I laughed at its name at first. We thought they serve up Thai food or Siamese food, well, look at its name! Hubby drove past and I saw "CANTONESE HALAL RESTAURANT" and I went, "STOP THE CAR!" Cut the story short, we went in to have lunch, taking a risk!

We were greeted by Mr Jack Chng, the co-ordinator of the restaurant with his good spoken English. A soft spoken humble man, smiled at all of us and welcomed us warmly. We found out the restaurant was barely 6 months old. His chefs are local Cantonese and recently were awarded Best Chefs award. So we ordered our food (sorry, no pics!) and due to shortage of staff, the service was quite slow. 

I have to admit, I was blown away by their dishes. It may not have a wide varieties to choose from, but a good range. Good enough for me at least. Highlight of the meal? Organic Rice (Brown Rice equivalent). I can hardly find restaurants that served healthy carbs! I ordered a decent amount of dishes, plus organic drinks (yes, organic coffee, tea and juices). Even my picky eater toddler enjoyed her lunch. The only problem I had was with the Ginger Steamed Chicken. Taste wise, perfect. Issue? I ate more bones than chicken meat itself. The way the chicken was cut into small "bite" sizes, is disappointing. If the chicken chunks were 3x bigger than what was served up, it would be perfect. I kept digging into the sauce cos' it's THAT good! Well, Jack was nice enough to give us a complimentary plate of Honey Glazed Chicken which completely blew me away. The sweetness of the honey, just nice. Not too sweet! The fragrant of the sesame seeds, wonderful! The "doneness" of the meat, perfect. Not overcooked, not undercooked. Every single dish I ordered was just uh-mazing! No MSG, No GST, No Service Charge. 

Driving customers, if you wanna try having a simple family meal at Siamese Cat, there is a public carpark further up or across the road so don't just drive off if u can't get a parking space! Give Siamese Cat a chance! Of course, it doesn't mean I love Siamese Cat's food means you will love it too. But give it a shot, u will enjoy your meal for sure. 

Good Job Siamese Cat Restaurant! I will return for more yummy food soon!

Siamese Cat Restaurant
324, Changi Road, Singapore 419799
Tel: 8161-1518

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  1. Dear Ashley,

    Many thanks for your kind comments on Siamese Cat Restaurant.

    Reading your comments, we are happiest about the fact your picky eater toddler enjoyed her lunch. In our humble opinion, toddlers are able to discern the quality of food well because they have few distractions while eating; whereas adults may be distracted by talking during a meal, and teenagers may be distracted by playing with their handphone, toddlers just focus on eating. If the food is healthy and delicious, they gobble it up, otherwise they tend to reject it, hence their perceived pickiness. For want of a better term, we call it the Emperor's Clothes Syndrome, that is, if the food is bad (Emperor is naked), toddlers refuse to eat (proclaim the Emperor is naked) whereas older people may not realise the food is bad due to distractions or whatever reason and continue to eat (proclaim the naked Emperor is wearing beautiful clothes).

    We have noted your comment regarding our Ginger Steamed Chicken that it has more bone than meat by replacing skinny halal kampong chicken with plumper halal fresh chicken.

    Sorry, our service was slow that day because one of our staff was ill. He came down with a high fever due to an infected abscess on his leg, but the abscess has now been drained of pus and the wound is recovering well. Happily, Eisham is back at work and we are back to full strength.

    Our web address is www.symescat.com, not www.symecat.com.

    Thank you once again Ashley for your sincere and kind comments, we look forward very much to serving you, your family and your blog readers in the near future.

    Jack Chng
    Co-ordinator, Siamese Cat Restaurant




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