Sunday, May 13

Happy Mother's Day!

This year's Mother's day was a simple affair. On the eve, I had a gathering at home with my sis and my godbro, Paul. I cooked for my beloved mother, not 100% a success cos the rosti turned out something else!! HAHAHA! It was a hilarious time but nevertheless, I enjoyed myself and man, the food was all gone! Thank you for those who ate my home-cooked meal! 

I thank God everyday for my mother cos' she's my heroine. She's my role model and she never gave up on me during my lowest points in life. I know she had suffered and cried buckets for me while I was growing up. We went through thick and thin together, laughed and cried together.. and annoyed each other too. This is the 3rd year of Mother's Day without my beloved grandmother and I truly truly miss her. 

Always cherish your loved ones, infact, every single second. To all mothers out there, it's our day ladies.. Enjoy every moment with your family. Dads, treat your wives like a queen today ok? 

me @ 11mths old

with my mom @ 19

my grandma finally witnessed my wedding, just before she passed away 
(passed away 4 mths later)

I had my daughter at the age of 25

My little baby is almost 3 (in 2 months)

My first Mother's Day gift from Sophia... Thank you baby

Happy Mother's Day To You.

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