Sunday, May 27

Todd Talk: Haircut!

Hey everyone! Guess what? 

Yay! Sophia's 3rd haircut in 3 yrs (well, almost 3) and she behaved so well at the hairdresser! I'm so proud of my baby! She looked absolutely serious as she watched Nicole (the hairdresser) snip off her long hair. She had a cute conversation with Nicole before allowing her to snip.

Nicole : So are you ready for a haircut?

Sophia : Yes! (with a big smile)

Nicole : Ok, I'm gonna snip it off now!

Sophia : WAIT! Mommy, I wanna play with Tom Cat! (Referring to the Talking Tom app on my mom's iphone)

Nicole : So can I start now?

Sophia : Uh-huh.. 

Nicole : (Getting ready with the scissors...)

Sophia : Do you know what u r doing, aunty?

Nicole : Of cos! Do you trust me?

Sophia : No. I'm scared..

Me : (-.-"") Sophia, stop talking for 5 mins and let Nicole snip off ur hair.

Sophia : But I'm scared aunty will cut my head!

Nicole : Hahahahah! I won't! U want a candy?

Sophia : Yes pls! 

After taking the candy, she finally kept quiet and allowed Nicole to snip-snip-snip.

Kids will ALWAYS say the darnest things! After the haircut, Sophia, in her "princess" mode, said,"I like my new hair!"

Oh well... Thank GOD!


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