Monday, June 4

Pictures paint a thousand words

All ready to set off!

Morning fresh look with Daddy

Swimming at the hotel's pool with Uncle Paul (my brother)


Playing with water, whatever.. =)
Learning how to float but fail...


What's with the 3 fingers, babe...

So I was told my Sophia's paediatrician that there's a very popular Nyonya restaurant in Malacca that is a MUST TRY. Food is halal, but no cert to certify as they sell beer. We searched for about an hour cos the address was a little.. deceiving. HAHAH! I managed to snap the dishes I ordered and mind u, I only paid RM$118 which is Singapore's equivalent $50, all inclusive 6 plates of rice, 5 dishes, 5 drinks, 3 desserts.
Chincalok Omelette (those of u who don't like fermented shrimps, don't eat this but IT'S SO GOOD!)

Ikan Cili Garam (looks spicy but it is ABSOLUTELY NOT spicy at all!)

Salted Vege and Duck soup (this is so refreshing and light, not salty at all)

Long Beans with Chai Poh (a tad oily but goes well with rice, not salty.)

Chendol (Must try! They will serve the Gula Melaka separately so you can pour the amt you want)

The green jelly thing.. is homemade! DELISH!

Ayam Pongteh (Lightly braised, tastes amazing. Signature dish!)

The landmark near Aunty Lee's restaurant is the Petronas petrol kiosk.

Mom and I on the Duck Tours

We went to Coral Wonderland..

Wokay.. a little BLURRED

Slightly better =)

With my precious

For the record, my not-yet-turn-three baby is officially 1 metre tall, confirmed by her PD. Soon, I'm gonna have to pay for her when taking the public transport. 

Me with a new crabby friend.. introducing, HORSESHOE CRAB!

All tired...

Ok, we had a simple, on-a budget 2D1N staycation in Malacca and it was fun. Eventhough the road trip tire all of us out, we had fun. Thank you to Holiday Inn Melaka for making my one night stay so comfortable. Great service! 
See you next time Malacca!


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