Saturday, June 23

Room for Toys Part 2

Lately, I've been receiving emails from a couple of "nanny blogs" from the US, sharing their interesting write-ups and wonder if I'll be interested to share their entries on my blog. So of course, before I decide on doing so, I will read that specific entry and see if it is appropriate for my blog. Fortunately, it is appropriate and coincidentally, I was about to write something similar so hence this entry...

As a mother of a growing toddler, I'm particular about her growing years. From her school, to her food, clothings, TV shows, toys, etc. Since this is a part 2 of my previous entry, it's gonna be about.. yes, toys. I don't really buy toys for Sophia. It's not about how much it costs, it's more about needs and wants. I remembered my mom telling me that when I was a little girl, she would forewarn me at home, stating her rules and that includes 'no asking for toys when we are out'. Fortunately, I'm not much of a fancy toy person. I preferred the cheapo market kinda buy-and-throw-away toys. The only toy I remembered till this day which I had was a mini laptop, yellow and grey in colour and I learn my alphabets, numbers, phonics and many more from a "talking lady". My mom bought the children's learning machine from god-heaven-knows-whofor $500+. Back in the late 1980s, that amount was considered.. expensive, and she bought it. That was one of the best toy I ever had in my life, growing up. It lasted me for about 5 years.. I used it till I was... 9 years old and it died on me. 

Today, I used the same rule on my daughter. However, with my family and extended family and my close friends, they shower my little girl with toys. I always warn them on occasions like Christmas and birthdays never to buy toys unless its educational.  My logic is, my daughter should learn something from that toy she's playing with. It can be the simplest thing like Lego blocks. On the other hand, Sophia likes playing with balls. 

Yes, balls. *smiles*

So as I read through "Find A Nanny" blog, their top ten things to consider before buying a toy is almost the same as my idea of my checklist before buying toys for Sophia. I always weigh pros and cons, needs and wants. I never use the "OMG, it's too cute to NOT buy". I make it a point to not bring my daughter to look at toys whenever we go out. Call me horrible, call me mean, it's ok for me. That is how I guide my daughter while she is growing up. There will be many chances for me to bring her to buy proper toys. I don't buy her dolls. I don't buy her "princessy" stuff. I buy what she needs for her age. I know people often say parents with only one kid will spoil and pamper their child with everything to keep them occupied. No. My mom never pampered me materially. She never felt the need to. Thus, I do the same thing to my little girl. At the end of the day, I don't earn ten grand a month to be able to afford every damn thing in the world. I go with what is right and appropriate. 

I highly recommend parents bring their kids to learn about nature to get in touch with the environment, if you have the weekend off from work. Also, walk. Walk with your kids, rather than drive here and there. Sometimes, I bring Sophia down to the park for a morning walk after her milk and she loves it. Not only it brings you closer to your child, your little one will appreciate nature too.

I recommend parents and parents-to-be or even those who love pampering your nieces and nephews to read this article before you go to a toy store and buy a toy for the little one. 

With that entry, have a great weekend and have a blessed week ahead! 


Special thanks to Maureen Denard! 

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