Wednesday, June 6

Wholesome Health - Drinking H20

Hi momsters! How's first week of June been for u? I've been busy with work, as usual and Sophia is recovering (thank God) from her horrible cough, cold & fever.

Ok, let's be honest... do you drink enough water? I have to admit that there are some days I'm discipline enough to drink enough fluids, but there are just some lazy days I just don't. I'm not gonna jump into the "i-don't-have-time-to-drink-water" or "oh-i-forgot" excuses because the keyword here is L.A.Z.Y. Yes, would rather just sit and think I'm a camel of some sort and be a saint, thinking my body will produce water for the lazy me.

I've always love drinking water with a slice of lemon in it. It's ridiculously refreshing and quenches my thirst fast. Not only that, it's beneficial for our body. Let me just give you the low downs of this awesome yellow guy...

1. Natural antiseptic medicine

2. Vit C rich citrus fruit (smokers will need an extra of 50% more than non-smokers)

3. For beauty maniacs like myself, it clears complexion over a good period of time

4. Aids in sore throat, throat infection, tonsillitis ( juice of half or one lemon, depending on the size, half a glass of warm water, a teaspoon of salt, stir and GARGLE, don't drink or you'll just puke. LOL)

5. Excellent for belching, hiccups, indigestion and even fever! A tablespoon of fresh lemon juice, swallow and wait. =)

6. As lemon is diuretic, it helps rheumatism and arthritis  by flushing out toxins and unnecessary nonsense in ur system


8.  Good to use in DIY facials as lemon is a healing and lightening agent. (I have an entry eons ago on a DIY facial with lemon...)

I personally enjoy drinking cold lemon water.. rather than warm, unless necessary. I'll just put 2 slices into my bottle and put it in the fridge. I'll refill my bottle once it's almost out and I'll just reuse the lemons in there and the goodness can last up till the entire day. You can reuse the lemons at the end of the day by placing them into the freezer to freshen up the interior of it or put 'em in a bowl of water with ur dishwashing liquid and use it to wash ur plates and cutleries.

See that? That's just round one.. will be refilling at least 3 times more before I go to work and I have another bottle for work which I will refill it for another 3 times. Think about the goodness that yellow thing has!!!

Enjoy your week moms!


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