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Guest Post : 5 Ways to Make Traveling in the Car with Kids Easier

Traveling with young kids is one of those things that sounds like it should be fun in theory; after all, taking a trip with the family and enjoying each other’s company while experiencing new places and events is something every family wants to do together, right? Unfortunately the actual execution of taking a trip with little kids can be an event that causes grey hairs to start popping up before you’ve even backed out of the driveway. However taking road trips with kids can be bearable and even, dare I say it fun if you’re adequately prepared.

1.   Always have distractions handy: Hearing “I’m bored” for the 56th time in an hour is one of the major downfalls of taking a trip with kids. These cries usually begin about 30 minutes into a trip and don’t stop for the duration of it, unless you’re lucky enough for them to fall asleep. Having distractions like books, movies, or toys is the fastest way to curtail any cries of boredom from the back seat.

2.   Keep a supply of snacks: “I’m hungry” falls right in line behind “I’m bored” in the most frustrating phrases you hear leave your kids mouths during a car trip. Having an arsenal of snacks with you means that you can automatically circumvent the pleas for food, you won’t have to stop at unhealthy fast food restaurants, and you’ll save money. Make sure that you have more snacks then you think you’ll need, because you never know when you’re going to need to quickly produce food for fussy kids.

3.   Play games together: There are plenty of car games that you can play with your kids that will keep them blissfully distracted during stretches of your trip. Play “I Spy” and hunt out different things along the road for your kids to guess, or play the alphabet game to see who can find the letters of the alphabet from A-Z fastest in license plates, billboards, and company signs. Time will fly when everyone is having fun together.

4.    Bring a blanket and pillow: While cars are notoriously uncomfortable for long periods of time, having a blanket and pillow ready so that little ones can sleep can help make it a little more comfortable at the very least.

5.   Stop every few hours to stretch your legs: Taking short breaks every couple hours where everyone can get out of the car and walk around for a few minutes will not only break up the drive time, but also help keep kids from getting too antsy.

Road trips don’t have to be a disaster with a little planning ahead of time, and being sufficiently equipped before you leave the house can make them much more fun and help create memories that the whole family looks back on fondly.

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