Wednesday, July 25

Happy 3rd Birthday to my little bub, Sophia!

How time flies!!! My little girl turned 3 on 24th July.

For the past 3 years, I would replay that "labour" scene in my mind and laugh. 14 hours of labour, 3 mins of "pushing" and 10 days of pain (i did natural birthing).. all for my little bub. I may throw a little fit when she misbehaves but nevertheless, I love her so much! I mean, c'mon, which mother won't love her child? 

This year was a little more fun than last year cos hubby did not have to work! Last year, hubby wasn't with us for her 2nd birthday cos he had to work. This year, we brought Sophia to the beach in Sentosa (Palawan Beach), dinner then ice-cream treat! Sophia was beyond thrilled to have spent the whole Saturday with her papi. Yung and Olive 'yiyi' was with us, tortured under the sun! 

Palawan Beach @ Sentosa Island

Ice-Cream treat @ The Daily Scoop, Holland Village

Thank you Godma Fion for all the gifts!


Sophia's Strawberry Shortcake!

Papi came home just in time to cut the cake!

It was an awesome 3rd. 

Simple with lots of love.

Happy Birthday my princess. Momma & Papi love you so much!

xo, Ashley


  1. Luka and Sophia share the same birthday! Haha. What a coincidence :)

  2. @Celine REALLY!!!!!! 24th July?




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