Monday, August 27

Belated Update: Happy Birthday to Hubby (Thanks for the cake, Sissylove!)

So we had a small birthday celebration on the 17th August for the husband.. and my sister got Awfully Chocolate to send a classic Dark Chocolate Cake (the man loves dark choc).. I got the husband a new watch (his died on him a week before his birthday), my mom made his favourite Braised Duck dish and Sophia sang him a birthday song (with absolutely no mistakes at all!) Big thank you to Jackie Truong (Hubby's buddy) for taking the pictures for us =)

Baby and Hubby

Our small happy family

Courtesy of Sissy (thanks love)

Well, obviously baby was more anxious to cut the cake than hubby!

Baby got kinda pissed off cos' she had to take pictures instead of cutting the freakin' cake!

YAY! Finally!

Our happy family with my dearest mom...

It's true that life with no drama is boring.. But sometimes, simple life with no drama (for the day at least) is much more memorable. 

Happy Birthday to my dearest husband, Roger.. I wish you the very best in health and looking forward to many more birthday celebrations with u! *muah*

xo, Ashley

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