Friday, August 31

Teachers' Day

"Life can be long or short, it all depends on how you choose to live it. It's always changing. For anyone of us, our forever could simply end in an hour or a century from now. You will never know, for sure.. so you should make every second count. What you have to decide is how you want your life to be. The choice is yours. Make the wisest decision. If your forever was ending tomorrow, is this how you would want to spend it? What do you really want for yourself? Work towards that direction. Make every experience a lesson and keep that experience in your heart.."

Thank you Mervin

Thank you Adeline 

Thank you Darren.. the best of luck in your upcoming PSLE.

Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart to all my students who got me gifts (key chain, paper clip/bookmark, mobile holder, etc etc) Sadly, this is my last year with my students and I'm rather emotional for this Teachers' Day. Nevertheless, I wish all my students the very best in their studies and remember what I've always "nagged" about. 

I have kept Teachers' Day cards, drawings and gifts since I started my teaching career at 17.. ( 2 shoeboxes filled ) and 28, I finally feel the achievement and I'm proud of myself, achieving so much and imparting all that I know to students. Being a tyrant to my teachers in Primary and Secondary schools teachers, I finally know how difficult it is to be a good teacher. 

It's not how you teach. It's WHAT you teach. Besides academic expectations, I believe in teaching morals and principles because if a person with the highest qualification doesn't have any morals and principles, that person is useless. That piece of paper gives a certain gratification in life, it doesn't reflect who you really are... 

For those who wants to be in the education industry.. passion counts. Don't be in it for the money. It doesn't pay very well actually. Be in it for the passion. Don't just teach. Teach with your heart. Know every single student genuinely. Be yourself. Put yourself in their position before you do or say anything. Put yourself to their level. Don't put yourself up the pedestal so high that your students can't reach out to you. Be their friend, but draw a line with them. Respect must be earned. Respect them like how you want them to respect you. Listen to them. Learn from them. Love them. Laugh with them. Be patient with them. Don't despise them if they have an attitude problem. It goes to show they are insecure. They are the ones that need you the most. Of course, be as knowledgeable as you can cos' no point being a great teacher if you can't teach. 

To the teachers whom I have traumatized in my school years.. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.. Mrs Helen Chia, Mr Victor Lim, Ms PC Low, Mrs Cecilia Peralta-Lee, Miss Vivienne Huan, Cikgu Fatimah, Cikgu Jamilah, Mrs Anne Png, Mrs Joy, Mr KK Low, Cikgu Khalid, Mrs Goh and all those I did not mention.. Whether you guys are still teachers or not, Happy Teachers' Day. 

To my mentors in the first few years of my career, Patrick Goh, Una O'Neill, Ms Margy, Ms Robina Townend, Ms Kathy Derrick and Ms Calico Clark.. thank you very much guys.. 

To my colleagues and ex colleagues, have a wonderful Teachers' Day.

To all the my students... thank you.

Starting next year, I'll be teaching little ones again which I'll be looking forward to.. I love the innocence of the little ones and less expectations from parents. I still enjoy teaching Speech & Drama and Phonics!! 

Happy Teachers Day to all my friends who are teachers!!! YOU ROCK!

xo, Ashley

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