Wednesday, August 15


Herro..... =)

I've been busy with work and doing up curriculum so I haven't got any time to blog.  August is a very busy month!

This month is the month where I celebrate 4 events; on the 17th is Roger's birthday, 19th is Hari Raya Puasa, 24th is my anniversary with Roger and 25th is my mom's birthday. HELLO! Pocket burnt.

Sophia started her weekly Phonics class on the 3rd at 'I Can Read' in Woodlands Civic Centre and so far, she's been doing pretty good. I can tell, however, she doesn't really like talking about her friends and teacher.. unlike the previous school at Tumble Tots. But the good thing is, it doesn't affect her love for school. She goes to school happily because she likes to go to school, period. She doesn't care if she has friends or whatsoever. I hope this mentality goes on all the way until she hits the primary school... 

I will try to blog once every week and keep my momentum up. Couple of pics from my recent outing with my loves...

To all my local readers and ones from the US, thanks for your support and i hoped you've enjoyed reading my entries. =)


xox, Ashley

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