Wednesday, September 12

final lap. internship. patience.

Counting down to the final lap in Mind Matters... 7 more weeks with my students.

Internship with VIR for 2013's job.. I'll be working with little children again, which I've been waiting for a long time. Back to Speech & Drama and Phonics. I can't wait =)

I've been teaching for so many donkey years and I love my job every single day, though I complain buckets about how tired I am but deep down, I'm very happy to have made the decision to join the Education industry.

Teaching has taught me patience and to look at issues at a different perspective. I'm grateful to the teachers I'd been attached to over the years and the people who have seen my ups and downs in this trade. A lot of mothers used to tell me, "You will know how I feel when you become a mother yourself." 

Er.. I don't think so.

I believe how we look at things in life is very much connected to how we were brought up. 

I have had people telling me that I've gotta weird perspective. That's ok with me cos' that's just me. Mom brought me up differently. 

Or maybe.. having a mixed parentage plays apart too? 

Whatever is the case, I hope parents will take some time to put yourself in your child's shoes and look into their world. Don't compare what you went through 30 years ago. It's different. 

"Your children will become what you are.. so be what you want them to be. 
If you can't be what you expect them to be, let it go..."

x, ALX

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