Wednesday, October 3

My thoughts on juicing


Start of October = Achieving new goals for the month. 

I prefer to fulfil my goals monthly so that I would keep up with the momentum. So for the month of Oct, here's a list of what I'm hoping to achieve..

- start juicing again (for me and Sophia)
- back to my walking routine around the neighbourhood 
- eat healthily
- attend Ukelele class

So this afternoon, I juiced a whole bunch of stuff for Sophia and myself.

All i used :
- 4 carrots
- 6 green Gala apples (you can use red ones too)
- A big handful of cherry tomatoes and blueberries ( you can add in other kinds of berries)

You can add cucumbers or celeries into your portion of juice for hydration. I can't take cucumbers cos' I'm allergic to them. I can't put in celeries too cos I get light headed (i'm anaemic). If you have no high blood pressure, try not to add in too many celery sticks cos they can bring your blood pressure even lower. If you wanna juice for the husband, add in celeries cos men, in general, are often highly stressed due to work and their blood pressure fluctuates. 

Grapes are anti-oxidants so they are awesome addition to your juice.

I believe that you start inculcating good healthy eating/drinking habits in the kids at an early age, it stays with them throughout childhood. You can literally juice anything you want, except banana, it will get all smooshy and urghh.. You can blend bananas into smoothies with other fruits. I prefer juicing. 

If you think you might have an issue with your kids accepting juices, you can freeze them into juice cubes. C'mon, which kid doesn't like cold cubes??!! Another way I tried is having Sophia juice with me. She will put in the apples and other fruits into the juicer and watch it do its magic. 

As for mommies, you can add other veges into your juice like baby spinach, kale, watercress, even bell peppers to build up your immune system and give your body all the nutrients it needs. I know alot of people complain about losing the fibre of the fruits and veges and the high sugar content in fruit juices. This is my take on the complains.

In Singapore, it's pretty difficult to find organic fruits or veges. If we can, it's very pricey. So we would rather buy the normal produce. We, in Singapore do not have natural produce. We import everything from our neighbours (Malaysia, Thailand and etc..) from veges, fruits and poultry. So most of our fruits and veges would have chemical sprayed on it to prevent it from decaying for import/export purposes. As for organic, it's clean with no chemicals sprayed. Of course, we have vegetable and fruits wash and it makes the outer layer of the produce clean, but it is really absolutely 100% clean? Plus, can we really find cheap veges to juice like the ones in America? You can find fresh veges in Costco, Trader Joe's, etc.. and it can be used for juicing. Singapore doesn't really have fresh stuff like that. So i would rather extract all the goodness from the fruits and vege itself than to give an excuse NOT to have it due to chemicals.

For me, I'm cool with the sugar content in fruit juices because it's natural sugars. So long as I don't just juice fruits, I'm ok. I add in tomatoes, carrots and whatnots so my juice is balanced out. I will always add apples into whatever juice I'm drinking because it gives the natural sweetness.  If I want an extra zing in my juice, I'll throw in lemons. Anyways, I drink water with lemons every day. It adds vitamin C to my water intake. BONUS =)

For those of you who wants to save the fibres of the fruits or vege, you can add the fruits fibres into your cereals and the fibres from veges can be added into say... pasta sauce, casseroles, etc.. 

Try to involve your kids in juicing. It will benefit them in the long run. They will have lots of vitamins in their system that they can fight lotsa germs. Make sure they eat healthily and naturally. You don't have to necessarily eat organic to be healthy. Even if you juice, you MUST not forget your water!!

Good luck!! Have an awesome week and a wonderful October! 

xox, A.

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