Saturday, October 27

Sophia & the Spud.

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It's not easy for me to spend a proper family time with my family. For some, it may be an excuse but really, with the crap of load on your shoulders and a husband that works way too much, it is, difficult to spend a "to-get-there" (together) day.

On Friday, I went to my cousin's place for lunch with the family. My grand-aunt and my cousin-in-law cooked up a feast and it was a nice get-together. After that, Roger and I brought Sophia to United Square's Toys'R'Us as I promised her to buy her a new toy. It's been awhile since I bought her anything! Everyone is buying her stuff!

Remember this fella??

The Famous Mr Potato Head Man!!! (SGD$14.90)
(Construction Man)

Yes! I found it at Toys'R'Us United Square. It's located at the third centre shelf under the Playskool brand. It was an all-time American favourite! I remembered how my ex-students from International School of Singapore loved playing with him!

What made me buy this bad boy?

I was watching Modern Marvel on History Channel on cable and they were documenting the history of Potatoes, how chips, fries & Tater Tots were made.. Then this spuddy came along. "That's the perfect toy for Sophia!" I told Roger. She loves drawing her version of Potato Man and she will love THIS potato man!!

Sophia's new bff

Ok girl, easy there.. 

Mr Potato Head was invented by Mr George Lerner in 1949, and was manufactured & distributed by Hasbro in 1952. I remembered from the documentary that their first production of this guy, it was little pushpin parts like mouth, eyeballs, nose, ears, arms and legs..then it would be stuck into a real potato! Then due to some hygiene problem with the rotting issue and whatnots, they developed the plastic potato. They have a variety of spuddos and includes the "Mermaid", "Rockstar", "Pirate", "King", "Princess", "Fire-Fighter", "Halloween", "Santa Claus" and "Policeman".

PROS: Well, I love this spud all along but it doesn't seem as popular here than in the States. I may be wrong? I like the fact that it can be washed, it's fixtures are pretty sturdy and the butt of the spud has a tiny opening for you to throw the little pushpin parts in so that the kids won't lose it. 

CONS: I was hoping they sell other parts separately, u know what I mean, so instead of getting a whole new spud with other "themes",they should just sell different theme pushpin parts? Am I being logical here? Or am I missing out on anything? 

It's nice to just spend a simple day out with your kid(s). I don't make it a weekly affair because I don't want Sophia to have a habit of going out every week. Yes, I know I'll be judged but it doesn't matter. That's just how I feel. I want her to be family-oriented so our weekends are usually home, with Nana Barbara and Yung yiyi. 

One tip I wanna share:

When you're out with your family, don't discuss about finances or start complaining about how little time your husband is spending with the lil one. Instead, tell him how much you appreciate the outing and smile. Don't fake it, please. Be genuine. A little bit goes a long way. A few-hour outing is better than no outing, right? So appreciate it. Don't be the typical wife to complain & complain. Men don't like it. 

With that, I hope you guys enjoy your long weekend!

xox, A.

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