Friday, October 12


Hey all, sorry I'm out of bloggin' action since the last entry.. 

My little princess broke out in rashes out of the blue and thank goodness she's doing great now.. still scratchy here and there but looking good so far!

I had a sudden attack of bad tummy colic-spasm-cringing-the-life-out-of-me pain and I could barely sleep! I'm on light food now and hopes the pain gets out of my life soon.

My cousin, Bryan (from New York) and his fiance, Nikki are in town! I'm beyond thrilled to see them and i'm spending time with them despite my classes every evening! They're leaving for the Philippines on the 15th to attend Nikki's cousin's wedding then they're heading back to New York. 

I'm finishing up my curriculum for the month as it's my last 3 weeks with Mind Matters....

Ok, i need to get some sleep now cos my tummy is not really co-operating much! =)

xo, A.

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