Tuesday, October 16

We're on Facebook!

So we're in the mid month already and 2 more weeks to Mind Matters. How exciting!

I had a fab week when my cousin and his fiance were in town. They left for the Philippines yesterday morning for a wedding then they will head back to New York next week. The fact that we're close despite the distance comforts me and we're counting down to their summer wedding in 2014 (i know, a loooooong way more to go) cos' the Lees and the Lius will be attending!!!

I'll be starting my ukelele lessons in November and I'm uber excited!!! My practicum for my new job will also be in November...oooh.. stressful month again. 

I'm in the midst of a topic and I wanna get the materials sorted out before I blog about it. 

Mothers' Avenue is on FACEBOOK!! Like the page and for those who have liked it, thank you for your support! Post something for me to write about and share your comments on my posts so that I can write better blogs! 

Allow me to sort out my busy 2 weeks and will get the ball rollin' for Mothers Avenue!

Love you all!

xo, A

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