Saturday, November 10

Pretty Little Helper

"I'm only the pencil. God is the one who writes..." ~ Mother Theresa

As parents, we plan what we want for our children. However, we must remember that it's God who decides their future.. With His grace, we will move along in the same direction and watch our children grow up happy.

Hey y'all!!

I'm sure a lot of moms out there have helpers in their household to help them look after the house and kiddos while they're away at work. However, I make sure Sophia don't take advantage of the convenience and have the helper to be at her beck and call. I have seen, with my very own big eyeballs that some parents out there allow their kids to be downright rude to the helpers. If you're one of them and you're reading this entry, seriously, shame on you lady.

I'm glad that over the last year, Sophia has taken some interest in "household chores". I've bought her a kids' mop, pail, broom, dustpan, ironing board, iron, whatever you can think of. She tends to mimic our helper which can be pretty hilarious. Lately, she has taken the interest in cleaning up my bed! Yes, I can be lazy because the fact that I have a helper! By the time I complete my morning routine, my bed would have been made!

All done!

Involve your kids in household chores! They enjoy doing what adults do. Yes, sometimes they can get a little carried away but really, they love helping mommies & daddies! Car washing, arranging books in the bookshelves, dragging the laundry basket to the laundry room, anything that's not dangerous! Not only they enjoy what they do, this is the only legit time that they will help you moms out with the chores without any complains!!! This also brings the family closer.. A family that plays together, stays together.

Couple of days ago, Roger got home from work early and so he spent some quality time with Sophia. They played Play-Doh together. My artistic husband made a rose for his daughter with Play-Doh! I was amazed! I'm B.A.D in arts and crafts.. I'm good in music.. Roger is the exact opposite! 

Unfortunately, Sophia dropped the rose and accidentally stepped on that sealed its fate.

November started off pretty well. I'm no longer in Mind Matters and I'll be having my practicum soon, in a week and half.. I just started my Ukelele class and it's going great! 

I'll be starting my Xmas shopping soon!! Have you started yours? 

Have a wonderful week ahead! *mwah*


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