Tuesday, November 20

Product Review: Leap Pad 2

Disclaimer: This entry is non-advertorial based and no monetary compensation was offered. All opinions are 100% honest.

Santa came early this year for Sophia. She received her very first "tablet"...  
Yes, the Leap Pad 2. 

I've eyed on this tablet since mid of this year and been wanting to get for Sophia. I'm not the sort of person who buys things on impulse, especially for Sophia. I want her to learn that she needs to earn her wants. Hardcore for her age, perhaps you may think but I need her to know I'm not a rich mother who can afford every damn thing in the world. 

Courtesy of my dear sister, she bought this for Sophia, while Mom & I are in-charge of purchasing the apps, cartridges & accessories. Outside retails for SGD199. If you buy it online, you get it at SGD189.90 (incl GST) with free shipping to your doorstep. Lamkins website has all the information you need. 

Even though it belongs to Sophia, I limit her Leap Pad time to an hour and half daily. She will only have that extra luxury to play with it longer if we go out, long journeys in the car, holidays, etc.

Take-home message:

It's hands down a better choice for your growing kids, as opposed to the iPad/iPhone. The screen is bigger, the child is able to grip the tablet sturdily and best of all, you don't need to share your smartphones with them! Apps download are controlled by the parents. It's suitable for kids from 3-9YO. 

Only comes in 2 colours (green & purplish-pink). It uses 4 AA batteries (you have to purchase the recharger separately) and you have to download the apps via the website as it doesn't have an "App Store" in the tablet itself. The cartridges are not cheap if you buy it outside (cheaper to get online). It doesn't come with any extra accessories, just the machine and the USB for setting up the system and syncing it with your PC. The machine comes with a stylus pen and I find that a little annoying. 

Overall, I love it and most importantly, Sophia loves it. It's definitely a good Christmas gift for your child. 

Mahalo Nui for reading 


  1. Wow! My kid would love this! (And I can have my IPAD back =P)

    1. Yes! I would also suggest u to get the rechargeable batteries adapter cos buying the AA batteries can be costly over time!




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