Sunday, December 30

Closing 2012 - Who says life is a bed of roses?

Looking back at 2012, it's been an exceptionally tough year for me. Family, career, finances, friends, etc.. Of course, I won't pen down every single detail but the gist of idea is there; ups & downs. Can't really escape that.

I've heard people saying that life isn't that complicated after all. There's definitely a certain degree of truth in that. However, there are two sides to a coin. My belief is that we need the drama in out lives to learn life lessons. If everything is so smooth sailing & beautiful, we humans will take everything for granted. 

I've stopped making year-long resolutions because I realised that when something happens along the way, it could stop me from fulfilling my 'planned' resolution and I will feel like crap. I'd rather make small weekly/monthly resolutions. That way, I may feel more fulfilled at the end of the year.

Life is not a bed of roses after all. It's the choices we make that determines our next move. When God gave us a pair of hands, He wanted us to have Plans A & B (at least) for ourselves. Let's not let him (& ourselves) down. 

A big shoutout to Singapore Mom Bloggers community for having me in the family. I had fun interacting with other mothers! 

To my bestie KY, thank you for being my support system throughout this year. I'm so glad you're back home! We will plan more outings together with the kids! *Promise*!

To my good GOOD friend Pauline, thanks for being my listening ear... you've been awesome!

To my Mom & Hubby, we've gone by 2012 together and let's hope 2013 will be a better year for the Lees & Lius! Thank you both for being there for me at every step of the way! 

Happy Holidays! Have a fabulous 2013 everyone! 

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  1. Its the same, am planning small monthly resolutions instead! Hope you'll feel better soon after that extraction, and happy new year!




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