Tuesday, December 18

Happiness is in your own hands

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How do you define happiness? 

|sidetrack updates|

I've resigned from my teaching job to be a stay-at-home mom. Yes, after 12 years of working, 4 years of marriage & 3 years of motherhood, I finally put my butt down at home. Currently, still have my helper (she's leaving end of this month) and hubby will be heading overseas to work until we're all ready to relocate. I'll be "husband-less" for a while but I will be occupying myself with chores and looking after my little girl. A huge step for someone like me. 

A small selfish part of me refuse to put my butt down at home all these years because I wanted to have 'me' & 'me+hubby' time. KY told me that even as a stay-at-home mom, I can have 'me' time too! It's just about time management. I'm not rich, I'm not poor but I'm getting older so having time for my daughter is equally important. No matter how much I earn, it's never gonna replace all the time loss. So I guess it's new monthly resolution for me starting January 2013. Birthdays, anniversaries and family time will just be with my girl. 

|back to topic|

You know, I always notice, the filthy rich idiots are never happy. They are so caught up with competing with other rich idiots that they lose themselves in the process. They have huge houses, fancy clothes, all the ba-da-blings and etc.. but you never really see that genuine smile of happiness. However, when I look at the mid-income families to low-income families, simple things like having a meal together at the coffeeshop or going for a short holiday as a family is sheer happiness. Yes, everyone wants to have money. The more the merrier, right? Correct me if I'm wrong but we "normal" citizens, as opposed to the "atas" citizens, are indeed happier. 

Hubby asked me the other night over coffee what would make me happy. I told him, so long as my daughter, husband, mother and I are healthy, I have savings, I'm debt-free (I don't owe anyone money, nobody owes me money), I have a home, quality friends & faith, I'm a happy person. He laughed. He asked why don't I wanna be rich. I told him God is fair. If he makes you rich, he will take away certain things from you, and I don't need to be rich because too much wealth will rob away my happiness. 

I always hear others quote, "Wah, if only I have alot of money." During my younger days, I used to say that and I thought marrying someone rich will make my life so much happier. I'm not easily contented, I just need my needs to be fulfilled, that's all. Once my important needs are fulfilled with a breeze, I'm happy, and genuinely happy! When one is rich, they will want to be rich all the time and they will always find ways to upkeep that kind of lifestyle. I don't need to be so stressed up with that. 

Money is not everything. It's something essential, but it cannot buy any long-term happiness. It can buy happiness for a short period of time. For moms, as long as your child has all their needs met (sometimes their wants fulfilled) and healthy, you'll be more than thrilled. 

|Take Home Message|

At the end of the day, you build your own happiness. It's in your hands. You make sure no one robs your happiness away from you. It's important to be happy because it's pointless mulling over your problems. We have to be pro-active and sometimes, you just have to play the waiting game. Yes, sometimes you need that kind of money to "solve" certain problems. KY always quote,"Anything that can be solved with money is not a problem." Interesting analogy there actually. You need your faith, some hope and lotsa love to be happy. It may sound cliche as hell but it's true. I've came a long way since young and I'm only happy after marriage and having Sophia. My past taught me to have faith and that gave me hope and with love from family, I'm one happy momma. Just know that there are alot of people out there who are not so fortunate like us and YET, they are happy. You define happiness, not what's around you.

Counting down to Christmas! Hope the Christmas trees are up and decorated, presents are wrapped and Christmas dinner menu is ready! Hopefully I'll have another entry up before the 25th!


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