Monday, December 24

Happy Christmas & have a fabulous 2013

Wow, this year's been one helluva ride!

As we complete our journey for 2012, I'm having mixed feelings about 2013. It's gonna be a year without the hubby around and I will be "officially" a stay-at-home mom. Some of you may be thinking,"Oh c'mon... what's the big fat deal of being a SAHM?" while others would probably be sniggering and utter,"Good luck to that sista!" However it's gonna be, I'll take it like a momma. 

I brought Sophia to buy her Christmas gift as she had bugged her daddy for a "make-up set". Yes, a toy dressing table with fake lipstick, hair dryer, curling iron, comb and etc... 

 "Susana Dressing Table with Melody and Magic Light"
S$39.95 (30% disc U.P$59.90)

Roger & I fixed up the set and she was thrilled. She even told me she was going to bring all her clips and hair ties, creams and Q-Tips out and put it on her dressing table. I was like.. "Sure, make sure you arrange neatly!" Mom pushed all the blame on me cos' of my love for makeup and my own vanity is full of my makeup stuff. 

I've been put off buying this set for her. I'm not the sort of mother who buys toys on regular basis. In fact, most of her toys were gifts from my friends and my mom. I've been asking her if she wants anything else besides this toy vanity. She did mention other toys.

  • remote control car (specifically a blue one)
  • guitar
  • drum set
  • new ball for kicking around this tiny house (no, she did not mention soccer ball)
I realised my little girl has a little masculinity in her. Just a wee bit. Like a cool girl, not the princessy kind who goes ga-ga over Barbie dolls or anything close to that. I could walk with her in Toys'R'Us and she would be least interested in the girley sections. The only girly thing she adores is Hello Kitty. *Meow* 

So since daddy isn't working today, Sophia wanted to look at Christmas Light-Up along Orchard Road. Father & daughter were singing nursery rhymes in the car while I laughed my guts out cos both of them were arguing! Roger sang it wrongly on purpose, to see if Sophia was alert enough to catch his mistake. Oh boy, Sophia kept on saying, "Stop it Papi, you sang it wrongly!" I did not interrupt & interfere! 

Mentioned to Sophia about daddy working "far, far away" and being the innocent child she is, she could not really understand. She kept on saying, "But Papi needs to come home & sleep, right?" I have started to prep her that daddy will not be around very soon so that when the day comes, she won't get so "stressed up" not seeing her Papi. Even I'm trying to prep myself. After all, we've been married for four years... and we go almost everywhere together. The only time we were "separated" was when he was very ill due to his brain thrombosis months after we got married. After he recovered and till date, we went everywhere together. 

Counting down to 2013, is quite emotional for me. 2012 will definitely be a year to remember. I will be turning 29 in 3.5 weeks' time.. my wedding anniversary is coming too.. hubby's leaving.. wow! 

Wondering what 2013 holds for all of us...

All I know is, my little munchkin is growing way too fast!

Just in case I don't update after this entry, I'll see all of you in 2013!Thank you for all the love for Mothers' Avenue, the kind words and comments via email & Facebook! I'm very grateful to my readers from all over the world. 

Mele Kalikimaka & Pomaika`i,

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