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Haul/Product Review : Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel

DisclaimerThis entry is non-advertorial based and no monetary compensation was offered. All opinions are 100% honest. I've purchased the product with my own money.

I never really cared about skincare/makeup until I was pregnant with Sophia and embracing motherhood. Before, I was like a cleanse-and-done girl.. no moisturiser, toner, facial or whatever fancy treatments you can think of. I was like the Plain Jane and my bestie, KY was like the fashionista who frets over everything. Even a pimple would push her to kill herself. 

I never thought toner was important for my oily-acne-sensitive prone skin. I never had acne growing up, only little blackheads, here and there. I had flawless skin. Only problem that I face until today is my dark under eye circles. Apparently, doctor told me it was due to my chronic sinusitis, so even if I buy the most expensive eye cream or concealor to slap on under my eye, it's not gonna help one bit. In fact, I had to go for a surgery to remove a muscle near my nose to cure my sinus. Oh well, i'm not rich to do that. I have other important things to handle. I just deal with it. 

So back to toner.. I break out from almost all the toners I've tried. From The Body Shop, Clinique, Simple, Nivea, Garnier, Normaderm.. you name it, I can't use it. I've been searching for the ONE toner that will not only NOT break me out, but also smell decent.. shrink my China-sized pores and clear my skin up... I was watching vids on YT and I came across this talked about toner called the Witch Hazel toner and they have different brands to that wonder toner. It's alcohol-free and in all the vids I watched that mentions about Witch Hazel, it RAVES about it. I was trying to look for one at every single drugstore in Singapore and I could not get my hands on one.. I did not even had luck with the Guardian house brand one. I finally found an online store that carries it and it's based in Singapore. I was ecstatic!!

My face's new best friend... 
Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera Toner. SGD$17.90

I use this as and when I feel my face needs some moisture and because it doesn't contain alcohol (which dries up your skin) and it is so refreshing on my face. However, I would recommend putting the liquid in a spray bottle and spritz on your face when you need to use. I did not see any difference when I pour it out onto a cotton pad. I saw a bigger difference when I spritz directly onto my face and let it air dry for a couple of seconds, then using clean hands, use your finger tips to pat it into your skin.

  1. It does shrinks and tightens pores over a regular use over a period of time (2-4 weeks). If your pores are like mine, the size of China, you will see the difference.
  2. As it doesn't contain alcohol, it doesn't dry up your skin, which is good for your skin. 
  3. For all skin types.
  4. It does not break you out.
  5. Organic (YAY to that!)
  6. Can be used as a makeup setting spray also

  1. So far, can only be found online (If you're in Singapore)
  2. It doesn't really work to remove makeup. It only works if you have minimal on, like concealer only or powder only.
  3. It has a pretty strong rose smell, but it whiffs off pretty fast too. The smell doesn't stay on you the entire time. If you're not a fan of rose scent, you might barf. =)
  4. Ur skin can get a little oily after a couple of hours because it doesn't contain alcohol. For working moms, I would suggest buying a small spray bottle and pour some into it, put it in your bag and you can spray some on after blotting away oils on your face and you're good to continue your day. (HIGHLY RECOMMEND)
  5. Comes in one size online (12 fl oz)

Take home message:

I love this product and I would definitely repurchase once I'm almost done with my bottle. You can find this product on NaturaWorks . All information is in the site.  Like I've mentioned above, it's good to pour out some liquids into a spray bottle and spritz it directly onto your face and let your skin absorb the liquid. If you pour it out onto the cotton pad, the pad will absorb the liquids and nothing much will go onto your face. It's best to spritz the toner right after your bath or within 3-5 minutes after washing your face. If you like, you can also stash this away in your fridge. Cold liquids firm up the skin. As i've also mentioned that this toner is good to set your makeup after application. But before spritzing on, blot your skin first. Of course, I'm not going to guarantee that this toner is going to work on every single soul out there. I know there are women out there who are searching for good products for their skin at all times, therefore, recommending this to mothers out there who are going through skin woes.


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