Tuesday, January 1

2013 Discovery - Old Fashioned Market Alley

Happy 2013 everyone! I hope you had an awesome time before crawling out of bed for work tomorrow! My "new" job as a SAHM starts tomorrow! Excited? Hmm, the thought of staying at home does sound intimidating cos' I'm not the sort of person who can just.. stay home. But I will definitely make the best out of it and make 2013 a better year for my family. Ok, 'nuff said. 

I finally get to walk down an old-fashioned market alley today with Roger when we drove in to Johor Bahru. I saw it once but never got a chance to see what's the fuss. I asked my bestie KY about it and she told me that is different from our local 'pasar malam' (night market). Some of you may have walked along this long stretch of market. For those of you who haven't.... 

Fresh Vegetables

Fresh Fruits


Haha! Let's go Bananas!

Fresh Poultry (Not frozen!)

Fresh Seafood

Savoury snacks

Piping hot vegetable fritters RM2.00 per piece. IT TASTES SO GOOD! I had one!

Chinese buns 
(check out the size! like boobs!)

Rice Dumpling Bun (how cool is that!)

Sweet buns

Cooked food, a WHOLE LOT of it.

Erm.. this is just one stall out of a few others..

Local Fried Carrot Cake (this uncle has the most business)

Pan-Fried Handmade Dumplings

Cool refreshing drinks

Beancurd! (Aunty was so up for a snap!)

Love this fresh lime juice (RM2.50)

Ok, so this place is along Pelangi neighbourhood. It opens here every Tuesday. The stalls start prepping up by 3pm and it closes by 9.30pm. The crowd was huge and I was elbowed and prodded at almost every step of the way. It was an experience for me because it's so local! I'm a sucker for nostalgic stuff. Everyone was staring at me while I snapped away. They must be thinking, "Where did this woman come from!" Roger was saying it was a common sight back then those kampong days in Singapore. I was oohing and aahing at everything. I even bought myself a teasing comb for RM1.00 and a hair donut to bun up my hair for RM4.00! They were even selling old fashioned toys and home wear, bedsheets, footwear and even lingerie! You might think that it's almost the same as our Singapore's night market. Trust me, it's EVEN BETTER!

I told bestie my "discovery" and she looked at me and said,"You never see market before ah?" 


I came home a happy woman.



  1. I totally lol-ed at your "like boobs" comment!

    1. Trust me Adora.. If you had seen those baos, you would have thought the same!

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