Wednesday, January 9

A typical day in my household

So I wake up at 615am on weekdays and 7am on weekends. Now that I don't have a helper to help me run the household, I'm doing the job! It's not difficult, if you have one kid. It's easier to keep a routine at the back of your head on a day-to-day basis and fulfil important 'must-do' list. I have a little board in my kitchen to keep myself reminded of things I need to do or a list of what I need to buy within the next few days. With my cup of coffee, toast & newspaper, my day starts.

  • Morning
I usually stuff the dirty laundry into my washer right after I take my first shower and before I make my breakfast. Then, I will need to make sure I know what snacks I'll be packing for Sophia for school & what she's gonna be having for lunch. I will peek into my fridge and see if I have all I need for that day (or a couple of days). By 7am, Sophia will be up and I'll give her a quick shower, make sure she brushes her teeth and have her milk. We leave the house by 730am because we need to take a bus to school (two stops away) but knowing how slow a child can walk, I always give myself time allowance just in case Little Miss Grouchy decides to whine and slows her walking pace. Once she's safely in school, I'll start my walking exercise and head either to the market or home. Once I get home, I'll start doing my laundry, vacuum and mop. Usually, I can complete all three chores within an hour cos' I have no one at home to irritate me. After that, I'll start to defrost whatever I need to cook for Sophia's lunch then I'll take a good bath and then start making my way to pick her up from school. 

  • Lunch, Noon, Nap
Sophia's lunch changes everyday. Her diet is usually soup based. She will insist on having soup at least for one meal. She usually takes her lunch by 12pm and I'll also have my lunch together with her. I'm currently training her to eat lunch all by herself (with my supervision). Once lunch is done, she'll rest for awhile before she heads for her nap by 1pm. That means, I will shut my eyes for about 1/2 hour with her and then sneak off to rest.

  • My rest time
Once Sophia flats out, it's my time to rest, have a cup of coffee, check emails, go on Facebook & YouTube  I'll also bring in my clean, dry laundry to fold them away. I'll watch some news on cable or whatever's available for me. I'll rest until Little Miss Grouchy wakes up. If I'm extremely exhausted on that particular day, I'll nap with her. 

  • Late afternoon, evening
Sophia wakes up by 3pm and once she's up, she'll have her snack and do whatever she wants. I'll start thinking what to cook for dinner and raid my fridge/freezer. Sophia takes her bath at 5pm and she eats her dinner by 530pm/6pm. Best part of this time, my mom reaches home from work! I'll have dinner with Sophia & my mom or I'll wait for hubby to eat with him and we catch up a little.

  • Night, bed time
By 7pm, kitchen's clean and close. My mom would be spending her time with Sophia and both mom and I will catch up on the day and her work. By 8pm, Sophia will take her milk and after that, she'll wash up, brush her teeth & change into her PJs. By 830pm/9pm, she'll have to be in bed. So after reading her a book (either mom or myself), she'll roll herself to sleep. That will be the time I'll take a nice warm shower and 2-3 times a week, I'll slap on a mask and relax. I'll watch some TV, blog or Skype. 

|Take Home Message|

I believe as a SAHM, we are our own boss. We determine our time. Like what my mom always tell me, we can never finish doing household chores so instead of fretting or keep doing the housework, have a routine and manage time properly. I've seen how mothers keeping their household in tip top conditions even with 2-3 kids. Of course, some kids just cannot sit still while their mom does the chores. That will depend on what you give your child to take up his attention. Sophia has her kids' channel on cable and that keeps her occupied while I do my chores on weekends. Even when I'm cooking, she keeps herself busy by watching tv. Yes, some of the parents reading this will say that TV is bad. It is, no doubt. It is how you control their time. I'm not much of a mom who can sit and play with my daughter. I'm bad at playing toys. I'm not creative in that aspect. Sad huh... 

Another point I wanna put out is, even as a SAHM, you deserve to look your best when you step out of the house. Be it to the market or sending your child to school, don't look haggard and messy. There's no need to cake up your face with makeup or dress to the nines. Just make sure you stay fresh looking, put on clean smelling clothes and hit the streets with proper walking shoes. Flip flops for short distance can harm your feet in the long run. Don't forget to apply chapstick on your lips to prevent chapped lips. Don't listen to other mothers who are just simply pure lazy to make themselves look good and they keep telling you that it's useless to "look pretty" when you just stay at home. When you look good, u will naturally feel good. Drink lotsa water and eat healthily. Don't skip breakfast. Have good lunch and slow down on dinner. As SAHMs, we may not need to dress up for work, but we are working our butt off to make sure our kid is healthy and clean, and our household spick & span. We don't look down on ourselves and we don't allow others to put us down. Keep up with our society. Don't say you dunno anything when you have family conversations during gatherings. Try not to be gossipy with neighbours and all. You have more things to work on rather then keeping up with the gossips of your neighbours. I wanna stress on this because many mothers lose themselves after becoming SAHMs. Focus, don't sweat on the small stuff and enjoy the time being a SAHM. Our job is challenging, yet fruitful.


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