Monday, January 14

Ashley's Affirmation #1

Starting an affirmation series, to share my thoughts of the moment briefly as opposed to lengthy blog entries which I'll keep for main topics!

For today...
As mothers, we should never neglect ourselves just because we have kids and we have an entire household to take care of. We are someone whom our kids will look up too in future. Do you wanna look unkempt 3/4 of the time or put in a little effort in grooming yourself? We have the right to look good. You wouldn't want others to say that your hubby and kid looks better than you, right? Your personal look mirrors you as a person. 

Some of you may be working mothers, others stay at home to work (cook, clean & wash). It doesn't mean that when we are home, no one looks at us. Your kid(s) are watching. Your neighbours are observing. Your hubby who comes home after work would love to see your smile and glow and not your creased-up face and a truckload full of nags & complains. Every single one of us has a duty to fulfil, and as a mother, we have a lot on our plate to deal with. Most importantly, when you look good, you will feel good

1) Enjoy your chores. You will burn out calories and lose weight in no time. Turn on some music while doing housework. We can never finish doing household chores so divide your work up and do the important ones first, then break up the small ones into other days to complete. 

2) Eat well. Don't eat off the morsels of your kids. As a mom, to have that healthy glow, we have to put in a little bit of effort in preparing our lunch as well. It can be simple food like a bowl of chicken soup with healthy vegetables and a small bowl of rice. Drink lotsa water too to replenish salt loss due to perspiration. 

3) Don't complain. Our job is such, and nothing you say or do can change that fact. Deal with it and make the best out of it.

4) Don't push yourself too hard to be the perfect mother. NO MOTHERS are perfect, lemme' tell you. We learn from our mistakes and we don't repeat the same mistake (if possible) and your child will learn that it's okay to make mistakes. 

5) Love yourself and treat yourself well. Just because another mother says you don't need to do this or that because you're a SAHM, means you listen. Have a mind of your own cos' every household, every mother & every child reacts differently to situation. 

6) Don't say, "I have no time!" If you spend 30 minutes on FB/Twitter/blogging, take 10 minutes out of it and put on a mask. If you take 20 minutes to bathe, take 5 minutes to scrub yourself with a luxurious body scrub. We find time, not the opposite. 

So what if we're stay-at-home moms? We ARE fabulous moms too!

Have a great week ahead.


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