Sunday, January 6

First week of school

First week went by already! Congratulations! I survived.

Lucky me, Sophia enjoyed her first three days at school. I didn't have to go through the whole 'i-don't-want-to-go-school' drama. I was supposed to send her to Learning Vision for N2 but due to hubby's overseas job stint due end of this month, I had to switch to a school much nearer to home so that I don't have to travel the hell out of myself & torture my little one to wake up extra early to travel to school. So, with much sadness, I had to send her to PCF. No offense to PCF but I've seen & heard it for myself how the ones near my place were and I was horrified. So, I'm giving myself a chance (and PCF) and see how things go. So far, the teachers seem okay. Call me anal, one-of-a-kind and whatever names you can think of... but I'm very particular with teachers. Being one myself (used to) for more than a decade and because I loved my job, I gave more than 100% to my job. So when I see teachers becoming one for the namesake but with no passion & patience, I wanna kill them. Ok, nuff' said. 

Sophia attended playgroup in Tumble Tots in Jurong East studio back in 2011 for about half a year. She was home-schooled for N1 because I couldn't find the right school for her & I didn't want to put her in childcare cos' I was worried my daughter could not adapt to it. With eczema & poor eating habits (she used to only eat broccoli, mushrooms, rice, noodles and barely-there chicken & beef) I was worried of her falling sick more frequently & eating issues. I then realised I robbed away her chance of making friends. I was too paranoid. Yes, I'm very one-of-a-kind, right? 

Do you still wanna be my friend.......? LOL

Day 1 at PCF was pretty interesting. The school was swarmed with little people and big people (kids & parents la!).. crying hysterically ones, laughing ones, sleepy ones, stoned ones, confused ones, ALL KINDS! My daughter was the excited one. She was so thrilled that she was finally going to school. Yes, I'm guilty for robbing away that happiness from her. The night before, she couldn't stop talking about it. Every hour she would re-confirm with me that she was going to school the next day. When she finally put on her uniform and sports shoes, all she wanted was to get out of the house and GO TO SCHOOL. I was trying to grab a picture of her first day at school before she walked out of the door and she was pissed, I tell u. No kiddin'.

Can't stand still for just ONE picture.

See the face?

So after this shot, I said, "Ok fine, let's go to school NOW." Then she smiled. 

She had a fabulous first day, even though it was for only an hour. Yes, one hour. I was in class with her and Hubby also came along. That's why the school was FILLED with humans. I was having a headache by the 15th minute. I only had a cup of coffee that morning and I was starving in the classroom. It was hilarious to look at some parents. Teachers speaking English to the students and I heard some parents translating what the teacher said IN MANDARIN to their kids. The teachers looked quite offended actually. I can understand some families literally speak just Mandarin at home but for the benefit of their development, I feel they should just speak English as well. 

Ok, back to Sophia. She handled first day like a rockstar. She walked in confidently and was brought to the class by her teacher. I followed behind and watched her. After that one hour was over, her teacher told me that Sophia was independent enough for the next day and that I could leave her. I told her, "Actually, I was planning to do that cos' my daughter doesn't even care if I'm in the class or not!" She laughed and 2nd & 3rd day, she was on her own. 

Tomorrow & on Tuesday, she'll be attending two hours of school then starting Wednesday, it will be three full hours. I had a plethora of emotions running all over me on her first day. My little girl is all grown up. I have to enjoy all of these now before she heads secondary school and tell me she hates school. I will need to prepare for cardiac arrest by then. 

|Take Home Message|

Preparing for first day of school is important, and I'm sure all mothers will know that. I prepped Sophia way ahead about school and tell her all the fun things she will get to do in school.

 Include your kid in the process of buying school necessities like backpacks, lunch boxes, drink bottles, shoes & socks. Ask them what kind of snack they would like in their little boxes and go grocery shopping together. Keep it to the last week before school starts the following week, to keep their momentum going. I know there are alot of organised parents out there, cos I'm one too. Write a list and that way, you won't end up buying things you don't need. 

For preschoolers, they wouldn't need stationeries cos' they will have to use what is provided in school. They have to learn the "please-share" style in class. Unless the school specifies that each child needs their own stationeries, they usually use the ones in school.

Always buy extra drink bottles & lunch boxes.. just in case it's ruined in school. U know how clumsy kids can be sometimes (blame it on excitement).

Don't forget to put in extra set of clothes & underwear JUST IN CASE they soil themselves in class. 

Always remind your kids to use to toilet paper to clean themselves after using the toilet. Over my years of teaching, I've seen hundreds of kids who don't clean themselves with toilet paper after pee/poopy and their little knickers will be soiled with BACTERIA. Of course, remind them that they have to wash their hands after toilet as that's quite the basic. 

Again, I cannot stress enough that kids should not waste food. If your child is in childcare setting, they will be provided breakfast, lunch & snacks. They need to have the habit to finish whatever is on their plate. 

Learning begins at home, and we, as parents need to start teaching them slowly from home so they will bring the good habits to school as well. I'm not trying to be 'Momma-Knows-It-All' with all of you reading this.. sometimes we just overlook small details. If I missed out something, do write me a comment and let me know. I love to know what other moms out there! Most importantly, we have to enjoy the process of growing up with our kids. Let them feel that you're in this together.

PS: Sophia has opened up to eating better now! She still loves her fruits & veges but she's definitely more open to meat now.. 





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