Tuesday, February 12

Ashley's Affirmation #4

In recent years, I think a lot.

More than the usual me in the past.

Is it good to be a 'thinker'? 

I think it's becoming a bad habit!

I used to think how people would look at me. Are they judging me? Am I dressed right? Do I fit in? 

In recent years, I couldn't be least bothered how others look at me because I live for myself and I won't be able to please every single breathing judgemental human creature out there. 

Sometimes we've gotta stop and look at ourselves in the mirror and realize that, we will only feel judged when we start to doubt ourselves. If we accept ourselves for who we are, we won't feel judged at all, not one bit. 

The word is acceptance

Just so you know that acceptance is not a form of resignation to fate or anything close to that. It's not even near there.

As a wife, mother, daughter/daughter-in-law(DIL), I accept things the way it is. I'm not the perfect DIL cos' I don't pretend to be someone I'm not. I'm not the perfect wife either, let alone being the perfect mother. But at least, I accept myself for who I am and maneuver my day-to-day life to suit me. Fat, skinny, overdress, under-dress or whatsoever.... I don't feel the stress to fret over it anymore. Instead, I'm grateful to be alive every single day to see my daughter, husband, mother and go on with my life. 

It's not easy to accept. Open your heart, look far and take it all in. Who says everything has to be easy? If a child can fall a million times to take his/her first step in life, you can take your first step in acceptance. 

There's always a good in bad, a right in wrong. 


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